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Grim Dawn + DLC - 5/31/19 - $4.99/$12.60/$3.90/$13.60


Today’s deal is Grim Dawn!

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Truly it is our legitimate honor today to be able to honestly say that it is a such a bright morning thanks to Grim Dawn. What is Grim Dawn? It’s a dope ass video game that’s kinda like Diablo, and it’s super deep and crazy good, and people really seem to like it. Why is it a bright morning? Because we’ve got the main game, as well as three very well-received expansions on sale today on our website, and selling good games to you guys is our bread and butter.

Great. And now that we’ve got that out of the way, what else should we talk about? Other stuff with the word “Grim” in it? What about that detective show? Well, actually, if we’re gonna be real, that show’s actually called Grimm with TWO M’s, but we don’t care if you don’t. For some reason a lot of people conflate that show with Once Upon A Time, but Grimm is way weirder. Seriously, give it a shot if you have some time, it’ll totally surprise you. Super dark stuff.

And what else, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy? What was that show even about? They tricked Death into the being their slave for life? That’s crazy. He didn’t really even like the children, it didn’t seem, like he was just sort of tolerating them like Geoffrey from Fresh Prince of Bel Aire or something. And also, we’ve already committed to not checking, but we think maybe he had a THICK Jamaican accent? But who knows, now that we’re writing it out it sounds pretty crazy. Oh well! Enjoy your game with the same word in the title!

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This is matches the lowest Grim Dawn has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous sale was $4.99 on Humble Store.

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@Gnuffi preach it.


No! You beat me to it. :grin:


Hihi git gud




I take it many of have played this… lol. What’s it like? You guys ever played it as Multi-player? I’m awful at Hack and Slack but love it, so whoever has experience with this game, please tell me all the things.


What can i say ? Better than Diablo itself IMHO.


You’ll have to wait for @Gnuffi our resident expert at Grim Dawn.


he’s probably too busy playing Grim Dawn though


It’s rare, but it does happen that I wish this place had a dislike option.

Your opinion is wrong! : )


You can always DDDOS attack my PC


I want to share my 2 cents when I tested the game for 3 hours during the Steam spring cleaning.

It’s pretty important to mention that I played Diablo 2: LOD Hardcore Ladder for 3 or so years ONLY about 15 years ago. This game is pretty much based on it while improving on it on the mechanical and inventory management things and being more intuitive and easy to understand by the new generations of players.

There’s plenty of good stuff going for the game, but I want to mention the few things that I really disliked, because being good game, doesn’t mean it’s flawless compared to the game it took it’s inspiration from and tries to be it’s FAN based successor.

First issue for me right off the bat was the Atmosphere. Diablo is really really Grim and dark and you are thrown immediately in a situation where you need to chase him - else he will regain his true form and free his brothers and destroy the world > No time to waste and everyone is actually panicking and stressing the issue at hand. Grim Dawn is not even remotely close to being that grim. You don’t feel any threat just like many more ARPGs out there. I wasn’t captivated by the post apocalyptic or whatever world at all tbh.

Now a minor complaint, but I think it’s important for this game. They improved all the mechanics for the convenience of the players compared to the old games in that genre, but for some reason while you are moving you can’t spot the breakable things like crates, vases, doors even. You need to be standing still and only then they will lighten up if you hover them with the mouse. Well… I’m used to playing those games constantly moving except when fighting and looting, so I have no idea how this wasn’t addressed.

And the final thing - The Difficulty! This is way way WAY easier than every other ARPG I have ever played, even than Torchlight. To unlock a proper difficulties you need to beat the game on Normal or Veteran, but this can be really tedious for a player that knows the genre. In Diablo 2 you constantly heal right from the first small quest - the Den of Evil. Here I used potion only once or twice for 13-14 levels and at about level 7 or 8 I even stopped allocating my points and skills - never found the need to do so.

It’s great game and it’s totally wort it only if you ain’t tired of the genre like probably I am. I constantly felt like it doesn’t give anything new to the table at all, compared to something like Victor Vran for instance, which is a bit modern take on the genre and more action based.
If you are new to those games this is right up POE of being your best friend to experience the old school a bit modernly, but I personally feel installing Doablo 2 instead of having to grind through easy difficulties until I reach something that should have been provided right from the start.


Wow! Thanks for the input! I’ve never played Torchlight or any other ARPG. So Diablo is another one of those games you just know of because it’s talked about quite a bit. One thing I think, is that no matter which you play, it’s going to be as ‘grindy’ as most RPGs. Hm.

Is POE, Path of Exile?


Yes and @Animosity is an expert in it… I never played it though :slight_smile:

They are all grindy only if you want to have everything and all those gear and different builds min-maxed! That’s in the core of the genre :slight_smile:, except maybe Victor Vran on top of my mind.


Torchlight 1 and 2 was in the Humble Trove…Just saying…


I was a kickstarter backer for this and played it almost a full two years ago, but I suppose my review is still somewhat relevant.

I suppose I can echo some of what @onLooSe said in that it isn’t particularly as Grim as the title implies, and it’s definitely not that difficult on the normal setting. However, I still really liked the game and for $5 it’s definitely worth it.

I haven’t picked up the DLCs yet, but I plan to at time point. I feel like they’ve been perpetually overpriced though and I’m in no shortage of games to play.


Sold out. New record. 1h30min. :smiley:

I am glad I made it this time. I didn’t when Enter The Gungeon was up.


Come on! Check under those cushions and empty those pockets :open_mouth: I was waiting for the Gnome’s lavish praises of this game before I bought. I needed to hear from the silver tongue devil, himself…Oh woe is me!:scream::crazy_face::cry::sob:


How do i report a user for spreading false info? @onLooSe said i was an expert at PoE when he clearly knows i idled all my hours.:grin:


I know. I downloaded them and Trine, at different times as a few of those Trove games were 1 or 2 gigs. So i can play, just haven’t yet.

Finally made some gaming time last night: made a FFXIV character with a tufted tail :heart_decoration:, got a puzzle done in Dark Stone from Mebara, once again fiddled with the controls in Wick and wasted matches by accident, lol and looked Moebius for Nostaglia feels. May play with Malachi and David again for the achievements, but ugh, hated the second half of the time - story was so forced and rushed.

@onLooSe Oh yes, Victor Vran. The look that makes me think <3_<3 and the voice, melts. Man, I can’t buy that full price, but I’ll wishlist it and peer more closely at the game trailers etc later. I’m juggling a lot of tasks today.

@Endyo Guess you don’t need the DLC unless you’ve completed the game and want to extend your experience a bit more

PS: Sold out? Really? lol. That’s great though. :slight_smile: