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Grim Dawn - 10/23/19 - $4.99


Today’s deal is Grim Dawn!




Hey gamers, welcome back to Dark Net, the show all about the internet’s scariest places. This episode is brought to you by a business from China that’s barely more than an app and a $60 million marketing budget. This holiday season, we’re counting down to Halloween on the channel, so today, here’s the “Top Ten Real Life Unexplained Occurrences That Loosely Match the Themes of the Game is Selling Today”. Let’s get in it.

Okay, so. Back in time, something like a retro time, but I dunno exactly when, some Russian scientists dug so flippin deep down INTO THE EARTH, miles and miles down, don’t ya know, and what they were doing was that they were going to lower some heat resistant-ass equipment down there, and listen to how seismic plates move.

In case you don’t know, all land on Earth is made up of these interlocking seismic plates that float around atop a giant sea of magma. That’s what they wanted to hear. Some real awesome stuff.

Anyway, what comes out instead is these horrifying screams they could hear from just outside of hell, or so the story goes. Best part is, though, those screams were recorded, and lucky for us, now, they’re here on the world wide web, just for us to surf to. Google it if you dare. Note the twisted screams and shrieking sounds of people, probably burning up in fire, or whatever the hell they’d do in a story like this, but try imagining that this could have been the very first warning sign in a chain of events that eventually gave rise to the world of Grim Dawn. So what do you say, gamer? Wanna dig with us straight to hell? Buy Grim Dawn today.

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This matches the lowest Between the Stars has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $4.99 on The Humble Store.

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I suppose not buying this would earn me the eternal disdain of many. Consider me sold.


There’s a resident spooky gnome here who might haunt u for it.



I hope the Dark Net series of descriptions will continue post-Halloween. They’re very entertaining reads. At least consider making more “episodes” in the near future.


i’ll keep saying, this is an amazing SP arpg
if someone is in doubt to whether or not they are into that, try Path of Exile for free, quickly, then comeback and buy this gem
Another content update is just around the corner, and each one has just made the game better and better, for free.

PS. Consider the expansions if liking the game, they add a bunch, and are definitely worth it imo.

i’ll keep on recommending this game everytime i see it pop up, even if it’s the same ol “gnome recommends grim dawn yadayada” per usual :blush:


I absolutely adore this game and encourage anyone on the fence about getting it to just get it, it’s worth every penny even at full price


wtf¿? This is the third time I see this game here hahaha I bought it here 5 months ago, glad that its here again, its a really good arpg. Dlcs on the coin shop probably will dissapear in minutes, I dont have money now haha.