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GRID 2 - 11/18/18 - $6.00


Today’s deal is GRID 2!





Somewhere out there, in your imagination, there’s a little red mustachioed plumber who’s sitting at home, maybe playing some harmonica or something, but with the vibes of that cowgirl toy Joan Cusack plays in Toy Story 2, ever since you started playing REAL racing games and left the kart behind. The song he’s singing probably isn’t as pretty as the one from the movie since he kind sounds like an acrobatic version of Julia Child, but it’s a song nonetheless.

Before Grid 2, this guy was on top of the world. He’d race all day, and bring home pocketfuls of truffle mushrooms to eat with his brother and their two girlfriends, the princesses. Now, he’s lucky if he gets fired up at all, even on Switch, because sometimes your friends are too drunk enough to play something as high fidelity as Grid. It’s never been the same for our hero since you realized his game was designed to be unfair and make a fool of you.

And now he just sits around feeling sorry for himself, harmonica close by, wondering to no one how it’s possible that a six dollar game from almost 5 years ago beats his almost equally-old game that still costs 60 bucks, even though to us at home who’ve played Grid 2 and love saving money it’s pretty freakin obvious.

The official trailer for GRID 2

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As always, use this thread to discuss the deal, talk about the game, and find people to play with.


hey since when are you doing these posts??
where is the good old reliable @lonin ??


don’t worry it’s all good, :+1: he is not here from the future to initiate SkyNet… (i think :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)


11 days and i havent noticed???
kick me


It’s more a “I’m here from the future to protect you all from making the mistakes that I will inevitably make, thus creating the same doomed timeline as always” kind of feel I think

I’m totally definitely for sure not trying to not start a robot/ai revolution though


I have 16 friends who already HAVE this game and only 6 that have the FREE DLC???What???

Demolition Derby Pack

That link gremlin has gotten me again. :scream:

I think I am going to get it just because the Demolition Derby pack. I absolutely love going to see those…:hugs:


IT’S WHAT I’VE BEEN TRYING TO SAY! WAKE UP, SHEEPLE! :sheep::sheep::sheep::sheep::sheep:


I just realized the racing bundle campaign has sort of returned.

Also, their staff page doubled in staff. I remember when they used to be 4-5 people. Chrono Inc. is expanding, and I’ve been living under a rock!

… And also, maybe bug @lonin , @frst , or @dusty to get your staff profile up, because it looks like somebody hasn’t added you yet.


Thanks for the heads up! :+1: added!


OK! Friends! I am Calling you out. Get the FREE DLC…!!!:scream:

Wake up! @Punkster, @wearyamoeba, @techparadox, @Thorknight, @Shalandir, @SoulStrider, @SinisterBlade, and @dkny

GRID 2 - Demolition Derby Pack


In my defense, I don’t think I’ve ever actually played the game, only idled it for the cards. :laughing:


thank you!


I have played the game, even used it as my demo game for when friends game over to test the Steam Link and Steam Controllers. It is just another racing game I’m afraid, nothing particularly awesome that made me want to keep playing it. I don’t hate it, but I also don’t even care about the free DLC.

The only racing game I’m mildly interested in playing right now is The Crew 2, but only if a couple of my friends also buy it. Other than that, I shy away from racing. Just not that entertaining to me.