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GreedFall - 3/24/2020 - $27.99


Today’s deal is GreedFall!





Travelers, travelers, travelers! Your journey is finally over! You have just hitched up your ships ropes on a most magical and wondrous of isles! I have a little joke that I say when people make landfall here that actually…it’s more like…you’ve made GREEDfall! Haha! You see? Because there are a lot of nice things to get for yourself here! So you might get a bit…greedy, you see? Just a little joke I say…see, I act as kind of a greeter here for people who’ve just arrived. And not just random people, either! Special ones! In fact, I met a diplomat here the other day searching for something to help his people back at home…

Anyway, uh…welcome to Teer Fradee! Umm…I hope it’s not too soon after I took a chance with that landfall joke, but I also have a little song…that I wrote…to go with it…I’m just going to go ahead and take the liberty to…O! Tee-hee, tee-hee, tee-hee! You’re here on Teer Fradee! La-lee-loo-lee-low-lay-loo-lay-loo! O! Tee-hee, tee…hee…okay, not as into that one, I see! Fair enough! Fair enough…well no matter! I am sure a grand adventure awaits either way, eh?

So whatever you decide to do here, just have fun, okay? For me! Haha! Well, unless…you know, you’re here to shoot a bunch of people. In that case, don’t mention me to anyone, okay? Great! Now clear off, because I think I see another group just arriving! They don’t pay me to give tours, you know! Just to say hello! So please, go! Enjoy this place! Ah! Another group approaches! Travelers, travelers, travelers! Your journey is finally over…

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Have to put all my self control into play and keep myself from buying this.

Game looks amazing though,real high on my wishlist.


watch a few reviews and you’ll either be even more hyped or you might even lose interest. for me it was the latter “fortunately”


Don’t care about magic. I’m just here for digital pseudo romance and really funky hats.