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Good Company - 7/28/20 - $21.24


Today’s deal is Good Company!





Hey there! No! Yes! That’s right! You there! Yes, I’m talking to you! Nope, not you, sir! The one who’s reading this right now…ah! Yes! You! You have the look of someone who Willy Wonka would leave his whole empire to! What? What’s that? Last time he left his whole empire to a teen with absolutely no credentials? Yeah, well, they still make chocolate, don’t they? Well, yeah, I mean, I realize it’s not the same Wonka company and that one’s fictional…can’t you just let me have this one?

Anyway, the reason I’ve spent a whole paragraph flagging you down is because I’d like to give you a chance to PROVE that you’re a better company-owner than old rickety Charlie Bucket, except instead of candy, you’re going to make a whimsical factory that builds robots! What? What’s that? Yes! Yes, I realize Charlie Bucket is a fictional character and that everyone imagines him slightly differently! Haven’t you seen the movie? Yeah! No, the Gene Wilder one, not the freakin’ weird Johnny Depp one! Ew! Wait, what’s wrong with his teeth?

Anyway, yeah, for like, twenty-two bucks, you can take the reigns of this giant company, and lead it into what I honestly think will be a new Golden Age! I mean, you’ve played tycoon-style games before, right? Just click around and run the company, you know? Like Charlie! What? After he gets in the glass elevator, Charlie gets accused of space piracy by the President of the United States and turns two of his grandparents into babies? Well, who asked him anyway? Please buy Good Company! It’s nothing like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at all! Grab yours today!

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I shall found a company whose sole business is to be any Union’s worst enemy! I shall have armies of zombies and apathetic HR staff to create an endless loop of work that produces nothing. TPS REPORTS FOR ALLLLLLLLL!