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GOG/DRM free



Is it possible to get GOG or games “free of DRM” for sale and/or even use coins to redeem games which are “free of DRM”?

Currency (USD) keeping us (CAD) from buying!

I think this would be a great thing if it were possible. Given the option on any given sale I’d pick a gog key over steam, though I know I’m in a very tiny minority on that one.


I must also be in the minority too then as I almost always choose to purchase from GOG over steam.


THIS would be way past the AWESOME factor. But getting GOG to agree…:thinking:

Maybe if we offered a gnome-alt for sacrifice???


Don’t know that GOG would necessarily have to be part of the picture, same way I don’t think deals directly with steam it’d rather be up to the developer/publisher to supply the keys. Would of course require that they have their game on the platform in the first place.


I’d choose Steam for convenience, but I’d appreciate the option (am sure it would be abused tho)


pretty good idea, one that more than one of us would bite on I think.

This is also why I often choose to buy from Humble (to get the DRM-free download option in addition to the Steam key, for those games that have it available.)


I prefer GOG to Steam as well. The problem is that not too many big titles would wish to go the GOG route.


This would be great, pretty please? I only buy games on Steam when they’re not available on GOG, and only when I strongly want to play said game.


If the key is free, then I too would like to get it without DRM, but the reason why I buy on Steam is because they do the regional price thing, more often than not, is more cheaper for me to buy the game on Steam at my regular price, even if it’s on discount somewhere else.

I believe miss @coralinecastell is on the same boat as well.




Typing this because apparently, the post can’t be empty even thou I think is clear enough with just the quoted bit


I like to pick GOG games when they’re retro styled etc, so that choice would be nice.

though that usually condemns them to never being played again.


Mr. Inferry, I’m not on the same boat. Here’s why: GOG has very good regional pricing for Brazilians. Plus, they have their ‘fair price’ policy, which basically ensures you get some money back if the publisher did a poop-poop job at providing one of their games with a price tag suitable to your country’s income.

I guess at the end of the day buying on any given store boils down to which currency you have and whatever you feel is more convenient for you. :woman_shrugging:


@Inferry dude, “DRM free” means “free of DRM” (and should have been “DRM-free”), not “free of price”, so @WikiTora’s remark was valid and correct


@harith I think what he meant was “I’ll get games on GOG at the price of Chrono coins [free], but I won’t buy them [pay actual money] on GOG because, to me, it’s more worthwhile to get them on Steam instead.”


Sorted it.


Now I get what you mean, even if I disagree. I value DRM-free games over other options, so much that I could buy the same game at a slightly higher price, without a doubt. But, GOG has some really cool business practices going on, like @coralinecastell said, so I’m not concerned about pricing. It’s more a matter of availability.


all good, but I think yr message was fine, I felt Inferry had misunderstood what u meant (but i guess i misunderstood what he meant) and tried to clarify things


I myself got confused to what he meant too. :stuck_out_tongue: