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God's Trigger - 5/18/19 - $12.74


Today’s deal is God’s Trigger!





Okay, seriously, I think those whack-o-jacks over at Chrono have finally gone and lost it! I mean really, someone might need to call and have them committed! Like, I’ve seen rock bottom, and…honestly this might be worse…one of God’s perfect beautiful ANGELS teaming up with the likes of a completely knuckleheaded DEMON? And they think that’s gonna STOP the apocalypse? Wh-what’ll they think of next, huh? How far will these gamers go! Why…why…it’s just as crazy as a Montague hanging out with a capulet!

I mean honestly! It’s like playing tennis with a football! It’s like driving to Hawaii! It’d be like if you hired a wolf to babysit some baby bunnies! It’s what would happen if you put Halo in a PS4! Like…really? Angels teaming up with demons? More like trying to make a soup out of Dan Brown’s hit novel Angels and Demons! It’d be like going to the movies to eat dinner without seeing anything!

If you were milking a cow and soda came out, that’s what it would be like. If you had a hot dog and you put toothpaste on it, that’s what it would be like. It would be like riding a tricycle to work. It would be like getting dressed to take a shower. It’d be like Gilbert Gottfried recording ASMR. If you can imagine trying to dig a hole with a guitar, it’d be like that. But yeah, anyway, it’s crazy. I mean, does it cost less than most movie tickets? Yes. But that doesn’t mean it’s not ridiculous! So buy God’s Trigger if you want, but just know it doesn’t mean I won’t judge you!

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