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Giveaway: Emberlight (Closed)


These aren’t the mistakes you’re looking for.


@GDBringer (:


Thank you for fixing my reading comprehension.


Uh… not sure if serious or sarcastic? haha

He got the keys for free from the devs, to promote their game! That’s all. Hope that answers you :blush:


When there are two ways to take it. It is always the way that is not mean.



i will enter thx


@Fraggles may be on to something, hm. Good luck, hon. I’ll enter again too.


Yeah, we got in touch with the developer and told them about the community here. He took a look and wanted to send some love this way, so we have had the non-SteamGifts version with little participation. But at least we can rest assured that the keys distributed here are more likely to go to a deserving home and more importantly, played… I am still doing active giveaways for this game at SteamGifts as well, but I don’t know if they will play, that’s the more advertising part of the whole thing. I am just glad that he finds this community worthy of sending some keys into the mix to make a few people happy. :smiley:


Can I enter open sesame


I didn’t enter the second time, but man I can’t not take a third chance!

I would love to enter.


Closed, everyone who entered has a pretty good chance, rolling really soon!

I decided to use the Random Choice Generator tool on Text Fixer, it was just the first thing that popped up on Google.

Winner notified, and as usual I don’t make this public, and I leave it to the winner to speak up to stay quietly in the background, and hopefully playing the newly won game. :smiley:


New key and reopened giveaway once again.

Drawing to be held in 1 week on November 10, 2019.

Good luck everyone!


Wow. I think if this giveaway keeps reopening. I might just follow an every/other entry system.

Please send our deepest compliments to the developer for providing keys regularly.


I wouldn’t mind if you entered every time… haha… The more Chrono regulars, the more merrier!


I figure I am here enough that someone who isn’t here as often should get the chance to try this game rather than me… I have enough library bloat as it is. :wink:


I’ll try because it’s my newest tradition, hee hee.


Not going to join as before, but damn, it is pretty darn nice of that dev to give away keys like this.

Good luck, everyone, and thanks to @YQMaoski and that dev for being so amazing.


Can I join? It’s okay if I can’t, it’s my first post!


Oh MY! A Hamster :rofl:

The rules say…Anyone can enter…

And welcome to the forum :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


waves to @DecadentHamster Stick around long enough and I may pet ye too. Hee hee.