giveaway [closed]

hello there friends.

if you own a ps4 in any of these countries:

(US) United States

(CA) Canada

(MX) Mexico

(BR) Brazil

(CL) Chile

(AR) Argentina

(PE) Peru

(CO) Colombia

¶ Panama

(CR) Costa Rica

(EC) Ecuador

(GT) Guatemala

(SV) El Salvador

(PY) Paraguay

(HN) Honduras

(BO) Bolivia

(UY) Uruguay

(NI) Nicaragua

please make use of this steam key, as I just wasted a pound getting these games from the THQ nordic bundle. only to then realise its another one of their idiontic “oh you live in england? well fuck you, you can’t play video games in england, we’re THQ fuck you” situations. so please someone make a use of it. free keys. MK7J-QKN4-T2PM


It’s not a steam key then, is it? It’s PSN key right?

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It’s a nice thought but I’d wager your key has been swiped already by drive by lurkers or bots. Also, why didn’t you just set up a US PSN account and use it yourself?

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A) don’t have a playstation

B) not in the US xD

as long as someone has it its a pound well spent

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It’s a pity you didn’t ask who would like it and then gift it to them privately. Now no one knows if it has been redeemed or not.

Still though, it is a nice sentiment. Props.

it´s already taken btw

thats a lot of hassle for something I was annoyed with for buying xD

I didn’t read the small print and got really mayd. so I just threw it on here. I’ve thrown loads on twitter and no one claims them so I thought here would be better. I have a couple others. if anyone has stone of ages 2 HMU xD

also ! thanks to whoever changed the name xD

that was something I should have done and didn’t even think about thanks!