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Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure - 2/22/20 - $14.99


Today’s deal is Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure!






Oh yes, hello sir, how can I help you?

Hi. Well, actually, I’m looking to check out a book, but I’m having a little trouble finding it on the shelf.

Of course, sir! Well, you’ve come to the exact right place for that! Do you know the name of it?

Yeah, but I’m not actually sure if it’s real, so I don’t know exactly where to start…

Y-you’re not sure if it’s real, though?

No, but I DO know the author’s name, does that help?

That depends, sir. What do you mean by “I’m not actually sure if it’s real”? Are you just talking about like, fiction?

Fiction? Wha…umm…no ma’am, I know what fiction is. I literally mean that I’m not sure whether the book itself is real or made-up, and I was hoping you could maybe help me straighten that out.

Hmm…okay? Title and author’s name?

Uhhh…the Necronomicon by Abdul Alhazred?

The Nec…ro…nomicon…by…Abdullllll…did you say Alhazred or Adhalrez?


And that’s not just like…the CLEARLY made up book of the dead from the FICTION of H.P. Lovecraft, is it?


And this isn’t some sort of silly joke? Eddie the security guard didn’t put you up to this?

Eddie the security guard? Who-uhh…look, do you have the Necronomicon in to borrow or not?

No, sir. Like I said, it’s a fully made-up book. H.P. Lovecraft invented it.

Uh huh.

So obviously, we couldn’t possibly have it. Who put you up to this anyway?

Oh, no one, uhh…I just…uh, I just recently bought this cool little game that was pretty cheap on Chrono, and it’s like, hand animated and stuff, and it’s pretty funny, but it’s also all about Cthulhu, and it’s kind of scary, and I thought the Necronomicon was a cool thing cause it’s in the game, and even though it said it was fake when I googled it, I figured I’d come down and check.


Oh yeah, and there’s also a talking cat.

Nice! Well on second thought, misguided though you were, I’m glad you thought to come to the library at the very least.

Really? You mean that?

Yeah, I do. I think it’s cool to read and it’s cool that everything here is free to borrow. Not many people even realize that, you know?

I guess I never really thought about it that way…


Well, shouldn’t we try and shoehorn in some way to convince people to buy the game now? I feel like our little scene has kind of run its course.

You know what? No. Let’s just have the nice message about going to the library and leave it at that.

Really? Can we?

Of course we can! What do you think, we just cease to exist once people are finished reading this?

Yikes! Whoa, that’s kinda dark. Okay, bye!

Bye sir…forever…

Y I K E S. Bye.

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I’ve wanted this since it came out, but I’m not a huge fan of the main character’s voice. Does anyone know if you can mute voice separately to other sound settings?


That’s all that you can do with sound.


I like the animation a lot. Never did like the transition to 3D point and clicks even during its prime (I’m looking at you Escape From Monkey Island). Almost feels like it could’ve been a movie on DVD. I like this.


I can’t remember if I recorded this updated voice video for you or for someone else, they redid the audio for the main character to be less squeaky around Halloween of last year.


Thanks for the heads up. This is much more tolerable.

I’m also surprised the Creative Director voice acted Buzz (the librarian). I was so convinced that was Tamtu Bui.