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Genesis Alpha One Deluxe Edition - 6/29/20 - $11.99


Today’s deal is Genesis Alpha One Deluxe Edition!





Lord knows what we’ve become out here, but as I try my best to contain our achievements in words, ideas are pouring from my brain and out of my fingers like water through an ancient product from the 21st century called “paper towels”. I realize the name sounds idiotic, but trust me when I tell you, the poetic imagery produced in the mind of someone familiar with the way these things would just moisten and fall away…it would be exquisite. I’m…sorry if I’m not making sense. The Genesis program requires that crew members familiarize themselves with random pieces of esoteric human culture that we can then spontaneously share with each other. It’s supposed to keep stuff feeling fresh and alive and not forced as we…try to repopulate.

Though you know, sometimes…sometimes I think I remember making it once…hundreds of lifetimes ago…in…in…different…tries…uhhh! Um! Ahem. Sorry. One of the side effects of the cloning process is experiencing confusing and incomplete memories. I wonder if the original me was a captain too, if I had to earn it slowly over time. Do you have a little captain in you? Ah ha! Remember? From the…hundred year old…rum…commercial. I kind of hate this job. I thought the killing would be bad but that’s actually kinda of like child’s play compared to what existence has become out there. I know I’m a clone, and yet I’ve made so much new life over for the years I’ve been on this mission, and yet I can see on my activity log that my body is only 6 minutes old. I wonder what happened to the old me?

Huh…huh? Oh, well, would you look at that? I guess it’s a pretty common thing for me’s to monologue into the data recorder first thing when waking up. I guess it’s my brain’s way of running a system diagnostic or something…oh. I was uh, “disemboweled by pirates” last night. That’s what happened to the old me. God. Sometimes it sure is lonely up here. I try to think back to the original me’s memories of Earth and what it was like to be there, but all I can hear are men screaming and the creatures shrieking and the guns firing and the metal twisting and and and…sorry. What was I talking about again…?

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The last coin shop deal…


lol, what? this isn’t a coin shop deal :joy:

chrono deals aren’t ending at all


Goodbye coins, miss you already. :sob:


After 4 years of clicking the coin button nearly every day, there is no amount of preparation that could adequately prepare me for the disappointment I faced this today.


The like button looks like a coin. We still got that!

Building stuff while I run around with a gun shooting stuff. Could be a dangerous combination for me. I tend to destroy stuff, so my space station would probably involve friendly fire, and way too many leaks to space. I mean, I own the Kitchen Gun and the Toilet Grenade and use them regularly. People who know me avoid me when they play Fortnite. I just shootbuild to condestruct.


Hmm single player I don’t think really suits these kind of games


Look, I owned this on console.

There’s “exploring dangerous planets” which consists of moving around on a roughly 30m² plane, surrounded by invisible walls while shooting the same alien insects over and over again.

The AI is too dumb to actually help you and they can’t reach most places in which the alien infection runs wild.

I would not recommend.