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Games for a Dollar


REGION LOCKED :frowning:

Few good games on there, nice and cheap.


“Unfortunately, this promotion is not available in your region” Portugal here


same here, EU (assigned to UK region by GMG), tried with US vpn too -same thing, guessing it’s only for the peeps “down under” ? :thinking:
oh well :man_shrugging:, enjoy your good price/deal luck for once Kangaroomans :+1:


Stay away from their bundles though. It looks like they do not apply a discount to them like most sites…


Aww shit, sorry guys. I did not realise that. Games are cheap though, any you want?


i have too many unplayed games already, but thanks for your generosity <3


kind of you to offer good sir :hugs:
-think i already have the ones i might have considered anyway, so no worries :+1:


@LordAo, where are you located? It’s not available here for me either, in Eastern US.




hmm, that map looks slightly familiar :thinking:
anybody else thinks the forgotten secret to the demise of Atlantis was actually kangaroos and koalas ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Quite suspect indeed…


You forgot drop bears, mate…


same with kangaroos, aka Kickboxing (Mega) Bunnies


I hear they jump out of the trees like it’s assassins creed to attack people.


Region locked even here?! Noooo.

Well, still curious. What games are they?




…and some others.


Some nice titles in there. :slight_smile:


Thanks! And oh wow, The Black Death for $1? :open_mouth: