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Games Changed!!!! GOG Connect Winter 2018 (Descent Divine Divinity Dustforce DX Europa Universalis: Rome Gold Order of Battle: World War II Panzer Corps Tharsis Two World Epic Edition)


This is why I love GOG. If only more would jump on the wagon! 2+ free games. :slight_smile:


Thanks for at least reminding me that i own Divine Divinity :purple_heart:


How exactly is it free though? You already own the games, just on a different platform :confused:
Or is there an actual freebie im missing?


because otherwise you would have to buy them again on gog??? :thinking:

i’m “told” some people might have begun to want their games “more” on GoG than steam, and since no one is obligated to provide you a “backup”/replacement copy on their platform, or even provide you drm free copies of steamworks(drm) games you own
-then it makes it a free copy for those

if someone doesn’t give a tooting fly about where their games are, then ofc this matters little, as it’s just one more “backup” places to have your games stored
-but even then some like that option :man_shrugging: