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Game Hole - 4/1/18 - ???


I entered one of my junk extra game keys and got Super Duper Party Pooper back.

Poop for poop–this is the way of the Hole.


The :hole: giveth


I had too many points I guess, so I just threw in a couple of games in there from the coin shop.
Got Golem Creation Kit, which wasn’t too bad.


Me too…



Before realizing what the heck was going on, I filled the field with all 1’s to see how long it could be.
Then I assumed, for some reason, it was jokingly asking for a credit card, so i submitted it (if it was a joke, then what i entered wouldn’t matter).
Then I got the code, finally did some reading, and realized what I had done.
I decided to mention it here, but had some trouble with my password and reset it, causing me to both lose the code from my clipboard and close the tab the code was in, not that i even knew what I should do with it (I didn’t hold up my end of the bargain anyway, why should I use it?).
In the meantime, I found a text on my phone I had missed as well
How could this go so wrong in the span of 8 minutes?
Anyway, if anyone in the next “Game hole” event gets a “11111-1111-11111” code, let me know,


Yay! Please let me know what that happens! I’d be happy to shed a few more!


Gave: Furi
Received: There’s Poop In My Soup :confused:

Oh well…

Just for fun here’s a key I got from a Bundle for a game I already have, have fun :wink: :


So i got my first key after giving one.

Then i reloaded the page and added another, but this time on next page it only said thanks :s One per person, or bug?


One per person


No there’s no way to un-redeem a key, but you can delete a game from your Steam library through Steam support. The key will still be considered used though.


All glory to the hole!


I put in Soma (got it from humble bundle and don’t like horror games) and got Super Duper Party Pooper…WHAT A DEAL!


Popped two keys to two of my favourite titles in for someone next year! Got “There’s Poop In My Soup” in return. I am blessed by the holes glory.


KADXW-64Z7F-6L9VG there you go :slight_smile:
tell me what you get


I fed the hole random numbers because I didn’t know what it was and got a valid key :frowning: .

Felt bad so I fed it a real key after :smile: Hope it counts :stuck_out_tongue:!


I threw every unused key I could find in. Must have been close to 20 Keys I dropped into the hole.


Dropped 10 full-price keys into the hole and got 1 key in return…“There’s Poop In My Soup.”


Game Hole, you are a harsh mistress.


When this “event” will end what about these keys dropped into the hole? Because we can drop as many as we want but we get only one.


well i missed up i didnt read it right an forgot to get my key befor i open diff page i guess there no way get it back if not o well


Gives false key for the lols like last year, receives actual working key in return

It was Euclidean btw :blush: