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Game Hole - 4/1/18 - ???


Don’t know how to PM someone, so no game for me I guess :c


Click on their profile then click message


You need to wait till your account is older


Yup, that’s it. Too bad, I guess. Thanks anyway ^^


Also, just want to say, this idea is good. I really like what the chrono team is doing and what they have been doing for the past year and a half I’ve been here. Here’s to another one.


Awesome idea! I’m so sad I didn’t get a valid key :’( I have too many games anyway!


This is a great concept , loved the idea!

Chrono’s team did a fantastic job


I fed the Game Hole and got poop in my soup. :anguished:


Yup… That happend to a lot of people!


Is there a way to un-redeem a key?


I think there is a way to delete your steam games from the Library


Delete, I don’t think so; I know you can “hide” games from your Library, but they’ll still be there, hiding, waiting.


And all gone with my keys. Thanks everyone for playing. :slight_smile:


(。:heart: ω :heart:。✿)


The great hole as granted me Ripple :raised_hands:

No poop :cry: so I’ll wait for the third coming of the hole to get a poop so I can say:
“Welp, I got It in a random thing so… I mean… I guess I’ll play It right? haha… (100% completion later) haha what a lame game amrite?..”


Might I direct you to this post

As for me, after much deliberation, I’ve decided to keep Poop In My Soup in my library. I just don’t have the heart to delete it. If nothing else, it will remind me of all the laughs we’ve had here over the past year.

The Game hole is back

I fed it a dupe key and got Space Pilgrim Episode II: Epsilon Indi. No idea if you can feed more than once.


You can feed multiple times but you only get a key the first time


yes we can!


Bless the Hole :hole: