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Game Hole - 4/1/18 - ???


and i am huge fan of the warhammer 40k lore and games


Wow a feature that remained dormant for a whole year?! That’s brilliant! And where have I heard that song before? It’s very familiar, yet I don’t remember.

AND the base coins to collect for today is a wonderfully pleasant sight to see! I rolled like crap though and got a pathetic bonus.

The only thing I’m worried about is the legit keys that were fed into the game hole. I uh… May have fed a valid one last year out of morbid curiosity, which was supposed to be a Steam key for a friend, but his computer isn’t fixed yet so I’ve been saving it for him. Yeah real genius of me to feed it, I know.

So unless all legit keys were supplied by, I think I doomed myself and will eventually lose a game key. D’oh!

Also Happy Game Hole Day.

Edit: Oh sweet! I scored The Next World! Thanks whoever unknowingly fed that in last year!

*Looks directly at Chrono Inc. staff.


I donated a Kimmy key, and the Hole graciously bestowed me a key for Gunmetal Arcadia Zero. Glory to the Game Hole!


I think the key may be somewhat perma linked to your account, because you can always recover a deleted game from the steam support page.

I deleted something by mistake and was able to recover it just by navigating the support pages, there will be an option to recover a deleted game from your acc.

Never tried deleting a game and activating it back with a new key, tho…


y man; I got GTA V


CS:GO 4 pack here :3rd_place_medal:

EDIT; I didn’t get a single beggar PM about this…
What kind of forums are these :3


offered Darkness II up to the Hole. In return I have received Golem Creation Kit. Praise Be The Hole!


I got a working key, thank you game hole :smiley:


I got Golem Creation Kit as well, but I already own it. If anyone want it, send me a message.

Edit: Key given away.


Put in a key for Mini Metro! Good luck folks. Got back a key for Euclidean! I wanted to feed more, but it told me not to be greedy. =( See ya!


I had the same thing, but since the game was not installed, the Install dialogue popped up automatically, and I found out what it was (Phatasmagoria 2)



please, let us feed more the :hole:… he strongly needs our keys!


I just typed in random letters and numbers and got a game in return.

Either I accidentally stole a game key from someone or it doesn’t matter what you put in.


u truly r a mad demon


Feel bad because I actually got a real key but I put in a fake one. Here is a tomb raider key for someone: GQ(7-1=?)0V-3TZXQ-KX660


Got a Steamworld Dig key!


  • = D


Fed! Sadly…

I don’t know what it is, but I promise I own really good games so it’s probably good! First come first served and please tell me what it is! (:

(I’m curious)



I tried submitting a key a couple times but only got the message that I could only do it once. Is this checking based on IP or something? I’m at a university so maybe it’s counting me as someone else.


The Game was Guns of Icarus Online


Wanted to feed twice, but couldn’t. So here’s a key for someone: