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Game Hole - 4/1/18 - ???


Too bad I can only add one key… have a bunch of keys left from various giveaways and bundles but can’t put them on SteamGifts.



EDIT: Def. gon have this removed from my library, ugh


Put In Hitman Absolution to get Super Dooper Party Pooper…

And I think I came out ahead in the deal :smiley:


Got a key, but since I already own it on steam, I have no idea what it is. The pains of a game hoarder…

Anyways, its WAD34-70T60-NQ94F


It’s sniper ghost warrior 2


It will not take long till the hole is flooded with fake keys :see_no_evil:


Put in Hand of Fate, got Caveman World: Mountains of Unga Bunga.

Better luck next year! xD


I just removed There’s poop in my soup from my acc, bless Steam for this feature!
If anybody wants to gift me a key hmu pls lol (pls not for any poop games)


So I put in “givem-eagam-eplea” before i understood the point of the game hole. I got an actual key for a game called “zombie ballz.” Is there any way I could feed the game hole with actual working keys? I have plenty of steam keys I will never claim that the hole could consume, even with no remuneration. I feel like I have cheated the hole.


create another account for then feed the hole, well i almost type in donut holes cause i think it was a question xD


then he’ll get another key also though


Do not do this I repeat DO NOT DO THIS, duplicate accounts will lock you out from the coin shop and potentially other features


i strongly discourage attempting this
as this will most likely just end up getting a person caught in the "duplicate account"net, lock all the accounts made, and prevent you from using the coin shop etc


well i don’t own multiple account (too lazy to switch from one to another :p) thanks for the warning though


I put Syberia II and I got AI: Rampage, that has a lot of negative reviews on Steam :smiley:


lol, u can be pretty sure a bunch of ppl will try doing this though; i’m pretty sure chrono’s going to get lots of new accounts today, with the whole reddit thing…


I put in a working Key, got an invalid code.

dunno what i really expecteed.


Donated: Hunie Cam Studio
Received: 9FADD-AF3MC-27GQB (Already Redeemed)

I guess that’s fair! LOL


well, now my idle master is playing a poop game…


I think a second Game Hole needs to open up for next year, another hole that only takes, because this year’s hole will be filled with trash.