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Game Hole - 4/1/18 - ???


Just got a key. It was already used.


According to @Strifeborne there is a way to accomplish this.

Just tested it and it works.


Bummer, I got an invalid key. :confused:


yeah, got a functioning key, for a game which worths way less then what i offered, dont know what i expected, a huge meh :neutral_face:, either way didnt lose much, so no harms done, just disappointment.


Hi, I received a duplicate key … it’s not fair because I gave a valid key!


The Darkness 2 - 9WG9C-G7?7H-LNWB8

? = Omnipotent being from Star Trek: The Next Generation

Key may or may not work. Key may cause drowsiness, nausea, restless leg syndrome, and constipation. If after using the key, your erection lasts longer than 4 hours, please consult a doctor.


Got a key that seems valid, but I already have the game. Someone grab this!



I too got a used key. Sadly jerks who gives fake keys kills good ideas like this one. :frowning:


Grabbed it, thanks!


What was it? I’m curious.


I think it was a documentary video series called Amnesia Fortnight Bundle. I’m not sure which year, though. So, not a game, but still cool, nevertheless. Thanks!


i got the game called “save jesus” i hope metal gear solid phantom pain goes to someone good haha


I entered key for Bastion and got Spaceship Looter.

I fed it a few more keys but I’m not sure will they go to other chrono users as it said it has already rewarded me.


Didn’t know that was a thing, mea culpa.


It’s certainly not an obvious thing and how someone stumbled across it I have no idea. But it’s an interesting and possibly useful little trick. Thank @Strifeborne for showing us how.


I got paradox soul and tossed in a duplicate key for the humble indie bundle I had in my humble account


Welp, the key I got was working. Just already used. Better luck next time


How does this even work though. It’s so strange.


Threw in a decent game that I didn’t want, got an apparently decent game I’ve never heard of in return (lots of good reviews). Honestly expected garbage or nothing so I’m pleasantly surprised. This concept is super cool. Like a secret santa gift exchange, only some secret santa’s are assholes and submit coal or empty boxes.


I got charcoal for a coal xD The Hole KNOWS:sweat_smile: