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Game Hole - 4/1/18 - ???


I hate horror games. :frowning: Capture


I tried the Game hole and the results were… quite interesting.
Deus EX: Human Revolution for “Save Jesus”.
I’m currently processing this at the moment.


Ended up getting a duplicate key, is this normal?


Aww got a dead key. RIP the unknown hole of mystery


So my keys are in it although nothing came back? In that case giving those keys to someone wouldn‘t make sense, would it?


I ended up with a game called Paradox Soul. Pixel art metroidvania… yay? Just a painful reminder that I’m too poor to buy Darksiders III yet.

I used my Planetary Annihilation key so what the heck, really didn’t lose much here.

It’s got mixed reviews due to “control issues” (after reading the DSIII reviews I inherently doubt that kind of crap) and it’s under 100 MB so what the heck, maybe it’ll surprise me.


I got this :
"Caveman World: Mountains of Unga Boonga"
Well, at least I didn’t own it yet! ^^
Too bad we can enter fake keys, I’m glad I participated and that I got a valid key. :slight_smile:
I gave a key for “AaAaAA!!! - A Reckless Disregard for Gravity”


Well last time the Hole popped around you could put in fake keys. Reddit got wind of this and there were a whole slew of fake keys put in, so it’s good they changed it.


Sad that I gave up a good game and didnt get a valid game. Someone will enjoy payday 2 tho :3


open key list with ca 340 entries

cracks knucles


i gave a key for dungeons 3 got a key for an unknown dlc/expansion that i don’t have the base game for apparently oh well, if someone else wants a go: 4D7I6-ALTE8-CHIDR


It’s the Yogscast DLC for All-Star Fruit Racing.

(I don’t have the base game either, but inspect element in your browser is your friend)


ahhh ty, lol i already have that sat in my humblebundle key list anyway


Same :smiley:


Put in a Fez key, but got out an invalid key. I think I still won.


lol I Gave a £30 game , & received 0.49p game, guess I should be glad the key was valid XD


Got a valid key, but its a key that only works with the base game present. Only problem is, neither steam or chrono tells me what game it is, so i cant buy it.
If anyone knows of a way to find out, please tell me.


new to and I have no idea what gamehole is and I just typed a random text on it and it gave me a valid key.


You can’t.


So, um, I didn’t get how this worked, and just typed in any old random thing.
If anyone gets the key “black-holes-sucka”, I apologise :frowning: