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Game Hole - 4/1/18 - ???


Is the key I got saved anywhere because my browser decided to refresh and now I lost my key…


It’s gone bruh. Sorry :confused: That oughta suck


If it tells you this, that means it accepted the key, but the hole will not give you another b/c it already gave you one earlier. Though you can keep feeding it still. :slight_smile:


I really don’t know how it work :frowning:


You simply type a Steam key in the box (which someone else will get), and receive a different one in return. Note that since the key you receive is inserted by another person, it may or may not be valid.


Mine was a dud. Steam said it had already been claimed. Ah well.

I wouldn’t throw a game in the hole unless you couldn’t care less about having nothing to show for it. :slight_smile: If you get something that works, it’s a bonus.


The key that I recieved doesn’t work :c


That music tho :expressionless::poop:


It’s from a video playing at the bottom…


I gave a key for Dungeon Rushers and received one for Snake Eyes Dungeon. It’s nice to see there are still honest people in this world, giving valid Steam keys :wink:


I got a key that says i already own the game for it, but steam times out when I try to check what it is.
here’s the key if somebody else wants to try: CC673-BHN2K-T5BPI


Last time a got an invalid key from the Gamehole but it seems the Gamehole heard my prayers this year. I got Save Jesus \o/


Well I donated a key, and got one back. I got Paradox Soul which was apparently on my wishlist from however long ago it caught my eye. So I was pleased. I tried to just donate another key in thanks, but it won’t let me…

Could there be an option to just throw a key into the hole with no expectation of a reward? Cause I would throw several in.


Invalid Key. Oh well, next time! I did give it a valid key…


Threw in 7 Days to Die, got something already redeemed. Oh well. No one I know wanted my game anyway, have fun whoever gets it. :smiley:


Away with you Whispering Willows ~
What the heck is Zombie Ballz?
I mean, sure tanks why not, at least I got something I guess?


SteamDB Browser extension says its: Awesomenauts Retail which I already had and somebody else activated by now.

Glory to the hole!


I put another key in the hole and it gave me another game…I already had it…NOW someone else has it. :smile:


Seems the reward was Save Jesus on the Game Hole today. It’s got no reviews, so should I be worried? :eyes:


Praise the hole :pray: