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Game Hole - 4/1/18 - ???


pushes key away

YOU try it.


It’s like people are afraid of poop or something. :wink:


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i actually didn’t know what this is before reading the community
i just pressed random numbers on my keyboard… i am sorry next year gamers that my key will not work :frowning:
BUT on the other hand i got a valid key for a game called ripple :rofl:


Ok, hole was kind to me but I have the game already (spec ops: the line).
So I’m giving it back to whoever got unlucky this time:
?? = 23*2


Got invalid code… Well whatever :slight_smile: I just fed the hole 5 more times, do the keys i fed it count?


for some reason i can’t feed it more than 1 code? -and i have soo many keys saved up for the gamehole :weary:


Just one key to feed per person? too bad.
Or are the keys actualy going in and not giving a may or may not key back? :thinking:


I gave it a key and it told me to save jesus. The hole works in mysterious ways…


no idea, when i wanted to toss in the bonus keys i’ve laying around, i just got a straight up “the gamehole rejects your offering” lol


Free Overture key: HFG3A-4QC7W-Q7TCG


I’ve got Save Jesus. I didn’t know it gives you actual games. Now I wanna feed it more (actual keys). :smiley:


If the game hole rejects your offering, it means it already has it.

If the game hole chides you for being greedy, it means it took your offering, and has already given you something in return.

Praise the hole.


Gave a key for Racer 8, got one for Just Ignore Them. This is fun! :slight_smile:


so you’re saying, somehow someone already fed the hole my keys ?! :fearful: :grimacing: yaiks, someones been lucky putting random digits in -or been snooping on my list :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
-either way it accepted the next batch of keys so at least the hole got a snack this year too :+1:
praise be the hole, praise be its insatiability! :pray:


I feel an urge…to go to the coin shop and spend some coins to buy games to flush down the hole.


Unfortunately my key had already been used by someone else. :frowning:

Ah well, thems the brakes. :slight_smile:



The game hole tells me that it has already rewarded me. Are my keys in it now though or should I keep feeding?
Cause alternatively I have two revealed keys for Road to Ballhalla, any Chronies want it?


I’d like one :zipper_mouth_face:
looks like a cool game.