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Game Hole - 4/1/18 - ???


Another Key, that the hole left on the plate: KT7VE-0FDWK-GIHQZ


Oh man, i did this too! But I don’t feel bad, since all I got was There’s Poop In My Soup. A high quality game for sure. But I feel no remorse.


nice i got Ripple!


I put in Alien: Isolation and got Golem Creation Kit, I guess I lucked out?


Got a valid code! Yay! Already have it though, so if you don’t, you should take it.



Try finger.


yep the cow is right, it’s banned cause it contain pornographic material xD




From HumbleBundle ?? The person getting it wont be able to use it next year…


they should be
once a key is claimed/revealed it’s “yours”, copied down manually or “sent to wait” in a hole
the redemption date is merely from a “key reveal” standpoint, as the entry itself will disappear/get removed(from account page view), not the key itself;
since invalidating a key post that date, would effectively remove it from a steam account it was used to, and humble would have no way of knowing if a revealed key was already in use/if they’d remove the game from someone’s account in such process
-so they just remove the entry in your account instead so you can’t continue to have easy access to it for a later "gift"
i’ve activated the humble free keys, with their 2weeks expiration date, months past redemption date, with no issue, having copied/written them down to a manual list and entered them at a later date at my pleasure


This is not my problem. If someone got any key it should be activated as fast as possible, not after year.


Hello, yesterday it froze for me too and then it said that I already had the key, but I went to the orders page and it wasn’t there. I wonder if I could get my key.


Sorry that you couldn’t get a working key, not everyone got a working key.

A lot of people took home poopy bullets for the Chrono team too…


Did any one notice that NeuroVoider was “free” at noon (EST.) yesterday? (4/1)

Just curious if that was a limited giveaway, or just a typo?


Missed it :sob:


That was just for a few seconds when the Game Hole went live, NeuroVoider was never free, just the wrong assets.


I got Euclidean, a lovecraftian horror game.


I love how many people contributed keys back to the community, even though the April Fools event freely gives away keys. I wonder if anticipated a recycling sort of effect?


I managed to unredeem this key, so here, have some poop in your soup!


I don’t think you can unredeem it, you just remove it from your account, it stays as a used key once it’s redeemed once. But I could be wrong, someone can let us know if they try it and it goes through.