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Game Hole - 4/1/18 - ???


I just posted today’s deal (or black hole) in discord and this is what I see:


I know that posting to twitter has old deals show up sometimes but discord doesn’t seem to do that.
I haven’t seen this deal yet either


This is all mine says and I’m not sure what it is.

(。:heart: ω :heart:。✿)

The game hole is moved by your generous offering.


I fed a good key and got a good key. Thanks, Hole! :+1:t2:


I got super duper party pooper


i feel a bit betrayed now :frowning: at first i thought everyone would get poop but after hearing about all these lucky people… whatever

the music and that video is great, it was so fitting that i didn’t even realise there was something playing until i scrolled down and saw it


I messed up - I didn’t realize what I was doing D:

Here’s a key, for funsies. Mostly so I don’t feel like a mooch.

Hint: it’s Bioshock. If you’ve already played it, maybe pass for now?

Have fun everyone!


Thanks @TheDudish, good gaming to whomever claims it! It’s one of @Gnuffi’s favorite games.


well, i believe that a bot claimed it, because i tried to claim it the moment he posted, and got a dup key… i hate bots … unfair


Same here, lol


Already been activated. I guess we’ll never know.


Update: You can now give more keys to the hole, after giving it junk the first time I just gave it 2 ACTUAL games and feel slightly better :slight_smile:


Put in a key and received Golem Creation Kit back, so that’s cool.


Since I’ve leeched The Next World from the almighty Game Hole (it’s quite A Hole), I am here to contribute a key back your way, whoever reads this first gets it.


Happy Game Hole Day!

(And again, where did I hear that song from the main page from? I don’t mean the name of the song, but what TV show used it? Or where did I see it being used? Or was it Desert Bus For Hope Charity completing a challenge using this song? I can’t remember!)


gave Desolate Wastes: Vendor Chronicles… received Golem Creation Kit???


Just tried to feed the hole for the first time ever and it said “The hole is stuffed” or something like that, never gave me a key, and just says that now always. Strange.






Ah dang it, so that’s why I couldn’t feed it a real key (the second time in this case, since I did one last year).

@marsgreekgod: I meant I wanted to feed it another key. I only got one key in return (and it isn’t Poop In My Soup surprisingly).


Wait did other people get more then one key in return? I gave it like 9 (valid, humble leftover) keys and got one back. it was real though.


I gave 3, only got 1 back (golem thingy)