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Game Hole - 4/1/18 - ???


There is no deal, only Game Hole.



Well, you know what they say, “another year, another infinite uncaring void to toss your game keys into.” Or at least it’s something like that…we might be taking a little poetic license. But yes, once again we’ve used our dubious magical underworld connections to score you fine people access to this tiny text box to nowhere, and for the most part, this should be pretty simple. You type a steam key into the box, and then it’s gone. Forever. This is not a prank, this is exactly what will actually happen. It’s exciting and totally disappointing at the same time, and we wouldn’t really have it any other way.

HOWEVER, and with these types of things, there’s always a however…this year, we didn’t just want to leave you with that same empty feeling of wasteful non-accomplishment as last time, you probably get enough of that in your everyday life. So this year, we made a huge scientific breakthrough, just for you. We’ve connected today’s Game Hole with the Game Hole from exactly one year ago. If you feed it, it will regurgitate a random key that it previously fed upon; like an unholy, demonic, uncaring space-bird feeding its young. Maybe it’s a key for a great game, maybe it’s literal poop, or maybe it doesn’t even work at all. Who knows? Only the Game Hole.

The possibilities are endless. Actually, they’re really not, but it sounds better if we say that. And really, at least you’re not running around the house trying to pick up a bunch of rabbit eggs right now, right? That’s a pretty weird thing if you think about it, just saying. Like, where does this rabbit get all these plastic eggs? And why’s it so excited to hide them? Does it really have to do with Jesus? Truly, only the Game Hole knows. Feed it well.

The official trailer for Game Hole:

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Sale price info:
Game Hole has never been discounted and will never be discounted. Do not discount the Hole.

As always, use this thread to discuss the deal, talk about the game, and find people to play with. Or don’t. Nothing matters.

Captchas at their finest

glory to the hole!


Why must credit card or PayPal information be entered to access the Game Hole? I find this dissatisfactory. The Hole musn’t require such pointless, limiting trials.


I actually got a valid key from the hole. wow

Thanks almighty hole! Praise be to thee!


:poop: :confounded: :man_facepalming:


Bug on our part, should no longer be necessary :slight_smile:


I got a valid gamekey too!
My thanks, mighty Game Hole.


So tempted to try the key but if it is actually someones game I don’t want to steal it
EDIT I fed the hole didn’t grab the key and can’t get it back, oh well, warning for everyone else


A working key for me as well!

Thanks, that’s a really nice April joke :wink:

edit:For those curious I got Mini Thief


I got one too, thanks so much, just what I wanted. So happy I got a chance at this amazing title again, it went so quickly from the coin store I just didn’t have a chance at picking it up.


absolutely best day these past 364 days!!! :hugs:
:blush: :smiley: Chrono “serves” its people just right :trophy:


I lost my game hole key. Put something in, copied the key, and then copied the URL to share the website with a friend.

However, since I closed the tab I lost my clipboard contents and now I’ll never know what the key was going to be. :cry:


Gave it a key, sadly the return was invalid. Ah well, the hole takes and the hole gives (sometimes).


I gave a key and got Super Dooper Party Pooper. PRAISE THE LORD!


damn :smiley: i guess i have to stick with one game :slight_smile: cant create another account x)
“Oh no, something broke! Please try again.” legit :sweat:


sadly got an already redeemed key :c
but i guess next year someone is gonna enjoy plague inc tho :stuck_out_tongue:


I also claimed a key :smiley:


(first come, first served.)


I nabbed it, thank you. That was actually a game I considered getting myself earlier. Golem Creation Kit.


I got super dooper party pooper in my steam account now because of this.


Hum, I fed the hole but it froze.
So I’ve reloaded the page, and now I’m just getting "Don’t be greedy! You’ve already fed the hole."
How do I know if the hole gave me something in return?