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Game Hole - 12/2/18 - ???


Since the hole ate my 7 days to die for a dupe and refused any more keys to be thrown in, here is a Bejeweled 3 key I will never use: EX8AG-26IIZ-G0WF?

? for Victory

— Speaking of victory, have a Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY key as well, presumably never used.


? is obvious, I mean even the riddler can’t fool him.


I got a used key… so at least it was legit… I guess.


I put in a key for Verdun and got Save Jesus :woman_shrugging: my first experience with the game hole and glad I at least got something


So when I tried to give it magicka when I’d already given it fear 3 it actually took it? Should I consider that code used?


From what I understand, it is not necessarily used already but at least likely soon-to-be-used. Seems the system accepts all keys, although it only returns one. The keys are then delivered to other users, whether during this game hole or on future ones.

Which means that yes, it should be considered as used ^^


I’ll treat it as used, since someone’s going get it one day.


According to the ol’ developer console it’s “All-Star Fruit Racing - Yogscast”

Didn’t activate it since I don’t have the game but hopefully someone who sees this does and wants it!


i put in Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide and got Zombie balls


Who ever gets Shadowrun Returns, have fun with it. I got “Caveman World: Mountains of Unga Boonga” … Looks like some Windows 98 game :scream:

Sadly this works only once. I wanted to dump a few more keys in it.


key for max payne 2
its been rejected so its up for grabs now


accidentally copy and pasted something else after i refreshed the page. oops!


( っ’Θ’)╮ =͟͟͞͞🍰 @

@ =͟͟͞͞Puzzle Chambers))゚Θ。)


Got a key that works, Zombie Ballz, er… thanks? Ha ha. I dropped in some oddity called Slap the Fly, so I guess someone will get that eventually?


Dont u hate when ppl use codes they alrdy used but they gave to black hole any ways make me sad


I wonder if it’s possible to work with Steam on a deal where they can verify a code with Steam’s systems to ensure if it has been claimed already. That way they can check upon reception whether it is acceptable. The way I imagine would make sense is for them to have a corporate account that can contain any number of “copies” of a game. Whenever they receive a game code, they can redeem it and it adds to the copy total. Then if they want to give out a game, they can generate a functional code and remove one copy of the game from their reservoir. This also prevents someone from giving a legitimate code and then giving it to someone else, therefore giving someone an already claimed code when it is later used.

The trust system is nice (and worked for me), but there might be methods to make this more reliable and possibly a permanent or recurrent feature for this site.


Wasn’t that free on Humble recently?


Tossed a random key for a game I got into the hole for the first time only to receive an “already rewarded” message. :confused:


Sadly, I gave shadow of mordor goty and got a message saying I already got something, but never did… talk about lame… :frowning:


i just typed something random without being consent of the hole powers and i got a The Next World key.

Now i feel bad.


I didn’t realize how the game hole worked and like a fool I messed around with it before actually reading the description underneath. Long story short I put in random numbers and ended up getting a legitimate copy of Golem Creation Kit. I feel absolutely terrible about this. I wanted to PM someone who got a dud key and give them a real one to help make this right, but I am not finding the PM option. As I just now came to the forums to do this, I am assuming that the lack of a PM ability is due to my newbe status. I already sent an email to the support team. Where should I go from here? I am kinda wallowing in guilt lol.