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Game Hole - 12/2/18 - ???


Mystery DLC!



What proof do you have that it has actually accepted a key?


A mod literally sent a message here saying it does


Then it’s unclear that it ever accepted it past the first one.


Sent in Dungeons III


Got an invalid key! Thank you Mr.Game Hole. Wont even let me try again with a new key ;-;


Works, put in “Lilly looking through”, got back Cpnvoy


I sent Lethal League and got Golem Creation Kit


I tossed Home and got Caveman World: Mountains of Unga Boonga in return. Sweet!


Guess I’ve got this code, no clue what it is since you can’t see ahead of time.



Gave a code from a duplicate game I got on a Humble Bundle, got a code for what appears to be DLC for a game I don’t own, if I understand the Steam error correctly.


Did someone say…



in: Dex
out: Golem Creation Kit

Thank you, mighty game hole! :butterfly:


I gave it a key Got one back and steam is saying that it is a duplicate so ;c i dont know what to do


It used to be that you can only put one in. But some people complained back in April and wanted to giveaway more keys. So now the game hole accepts any unique key it gets, as many as people feed in.


Doesn’t want my code, so here we go:


? = the 6th letter of the alphabet



did not work but here enjoy <3


Put in a spare Sniper Elite v2 key, got Just Ignore Them back. Ah well better than nothing.


Put in a BalanCity code and got an already used code back :pensive:


The glorious hole gave me a working code, but steam says it is probably an expansion to a game i don’t have. It doesn’t say which game though. So you guys give it a try. maybe it’s a game you have and you can use it. have fun.


let me know which game it was plz. just so i can sleep at nights. :slight_smile:


It’s a dlc for something cuz it says to get the base game first before trying to activate this


Hopefully someone will enjoy this game:


It’s Insurgency. just add a couple of “L”