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Game Hole - 12/2/18 - ???


Ah, so it’s basically just a check on the characters of the key itself. I see. Well I’ll throw a valid key in there since everyone here is so generous and using the Game Hole as it was intended.

D’ohI I was given a pre-used key in return for Layers of Fear. Luck of the draw. Still a funny tradition I don’t mind participating in.

And since everyone keeps giving keys, I’m feeling pretty selfish here. I’d better fix that problem.

The Deadly Tower of Monsters (when did I even have this key?):



Got Golem Creation Kit, didn’t have it so thanks for that!
I put an old key for Pixel Puzzes + Radical Roach so i hope that the person that gets it doesn’t have it already (and of course that the key works)


I got a random game called "Zombie Ballz"
It looks really weird…
Sadly I can’t play it though because I don’t have windows, so I can’t tell how awful it actually is.


Put in Insurgency and got out Epistory, something I was actually interested in but probably wouldn’t have gotten around to buying/playing myself. First time I’ve had a good experience with the game hole, so thanks random stranger!


Typed in random characters since I had poor “self control”…

It wouldn’t take my actual key after, so if anyone wants my contribution its 9K8GH-TVAKL-WICYJ


I offered a legit code. Got a legit code in return.

Don’t know what I got. I already owned it. But still, it works.


I didn’t know the hole worked only once so… Here’s a key for Duke Nukem Forever! 5TW9F-L32H6-QFC9A


It only spits one game out to you, but it will keep accepting any games you throw in there. Just FYI, I was made aware of this earlier today.


And if the first code is invalid and then you give it more games it will take your games without giving you a code…


At the end of the day, it only spits out one code at you, whether it’s good or bad. Because it doesn’t know if the code is good or bad.

But this is more of an activity in giving, less so receiving. I am perfectly fine with it.

I really enjoy this event myself.


What I mean is if the first code you put in is invalid it won’t even give you one game but it’ll still take any valid codes.


I didn’t know it can tell whether a code is invalid or not…


No, it does not keep accepting them.


I mean I put in aaaaa-aaaaa-aaaaa and it said that was invalid - probably because someone else put it in first


It does.

When it says:

“The Game Hole has already awarded you.”

That means the key you put in was accepted. But it’s not going to spit another one out at you.


Well someone’s going to be very confused in a few minutes when the game hole spits out the key I put in…and it did give me something I didn’t have…so a win all around.


These keys are from the generous individuals who have put them in there in the past. Last was April 1, 2018. The keys we are feeding in are likely not going to be spat back out until the next Game hole event. Who knows when… :thinking:


So, what about the “duplicate key” error? Any way of getting back the key I gave?


Ah, the hell with it, here’s the key I gave (Wuppo): BPAAT-5IH4T-93CY3

Enjoy, I’d rather give it on my term than getting bent like that.

At least it’ll give incentives for gg staff to improve the system.


I gave a false key as I was unaware of the powers of the hole. Someone take this key of OxenFree as penance: J3VFZ-AIZ2C-H99KJ