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Game Hole - 12/2/18 - ???


Thanks to whoever dropped chamber of darkness in the hole. Actually got a working key :slight_smile:


I received Caveman World: Mountains of Unga Boonga. Thanks for the game. Hope yall appreciate what I gave.




Discourse is probably going to start falling apart at some point in the near future, and I apologize ahead of time bc it’s maybe my fault.

But really it’s @Ernin8t0r’s


You are all being super generous!

What’s error 429 by the way? I keep seeing it show up…

anyway, I am heading out, have a good day guys!


It’s rate limiting.

The discourse proxy just needs to be reconfigured, and I keep saying that I’ll do it before the next game hole.


offered Pressure got Golem creation kit, feelsgoodman


Put in Ryse: Son of Rome, got Save Jesus. This can’t be a coincidence…


Put in Fallout 3 GOTY. Got Mafia III. Wow, thank you!!! <3


Ooh, got Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion
Thanks, Hole!


Well, just allowing a registered key like that will kill this event.

If I’m not sure to get another key back I’ll just keep my key.


Tried all the keys and it turns out I own all of them!


I got some freaky caveman game :smiley:

thanks if you donated that xD

I put in galactic civilizations 2 >.>


I put in PewDiePie - Legend of the Brofist.


Quick heads up to say that while the description is fixed to talk about the December Game Hole, the Community Link is still set to the previous April Fools Game Hole.

Also I made the mistake of upsetting the Game Hole for not feeding it what it wants. Now I am permanently rejected for being stupid (or I have been feeding it games it already ate 99999999 times, but it still counts as being stupid). I am sad now.

And this is a rare sight to see @dusty posting so actively here. So busy answering all of our questions like a haggard customer service rep in a call center.


For me, it gave an invalid key…


I’m not sure if that’s how it works. AFAIK you can’t check which game you will get from a key without redeeming it. (thus making it a dup if someone else tries to redeem it so I don’t think the bot actually checks the games)


Put in Neon Chrome, got back an invalid code. Oh well. I guess I used up all my luck getting FRONTIERS last game hole


Gave away a valid key and got a valid Phoning Home key back. Neat, had that on my wishlist but never felt like I could justify the purchase so I just kept it there to wait for deals. Will try it out today.

I wanted to give away another game but it wouldn’t let me. So I’ll just give it away here. Please only claim if you want it, and preferably only if you received an invalid key.

Pathologic Classic HD




ave a spare Chroma Squad key and got FRONTIERS back. The game seems fitting to my taste, yay!
And since I cannot give another, if anyone still wants to play Beatbuddy: Tale of the uardians…
(? I seem to keep missing that letter…)