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Game Hole - 12/2/18 - ???


Invalid product, shame :frowning:


It’s really sad you guys all got invalid keys… I think the Game Hole is one of the wonderful community game swaps that we have, with an unknown date when those keys will come back out. It’s fun and good to participate and contribute to.


ooof. Ill just wait for the next sale. No bad energy just dont understand this hole.,


The hole rejects things it already has and only rewards a person w/ something from the hole 1x time.

But, anything you submit goes into the hole for next year, even when it tells you that you already got something.


Well, you give some game you will never play to get another game you will maybe play someday (probably not) if u don’t have it already… Or an invalid key which sucks even more.


So you’re telling me I’ve submitted a few keys that have gone into the hole and I’m not even getting one back?


@Okx yes



DLC of some kind … enjoy if you have a main game for it :stuck_out_tongue:


Interesting, so that means someone is getting another game I submitted but didn’t think it’d gone through. Well as long as they enjoy. :slight_smile:


Got an invalid product code lol :smiley: I hope someone enjoys that legit Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun code I put in :smiley:


wasn’t trying to stir up anything. Apologies if i offended anyone.


I got Guacamelee Gold Edition, so thanks to whoever put it in there, I heard it’s a really fun game!! ^-^

And I hope my contribution makes somebody happy as well! I got it in a Bundle on Fanatical in February, but it’s actually a game I had before, because my friend was working with the dev team on the UI and gamepad controls.




That sucks, man. I thought we were all friends here… Want a random code from my pile of past bundles?


I see the difference now, between: The Game Hole has already awarded you" and the invalid code b/c it’s already in there.


I dropped in a total of about 12 game codes (wasn’t counting exactly), hopefully a bit fewer duds next time the game hole comes around!


Ya, we previously only allowed a person to give and receive a single offering from the hole – but we got a ton of push back from people who wanted to be able to submit multiple keys and seed for next time.


You’re awesome! :raised_hands:


Just dropped in a copy of Shadowrun Returns into the wishing hole for someone. You’re welcome in advance.



I really do enjoy being a part of this community. :slight_smile: