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Game Hole - 12/2/18 - ???


oh… rip me… i didnt know this works like that… i just put random caracters cause i tho it was a joke… please dont ban me T.T
PD: i got a used key…


Did anyone else find the puzzle by the way? Or at least I’m assuming it’s a puzzle. Think it might lead to some keys.


The Next World: IX76T-08TID-G76E9


OK, the one I got back has already been registered to an account…

Don’t tell me you don’t check the validity of the code before giving it back?


How would they do that? lol


Invalid key :frowning:


I guess it’s a DLC or expansion since require another game to be in my library


Black The Fall




There is no way of checking - you can only check it by redeeming it (just Valve can check if a key is used or not)


@lonin and @dusty, can you make it so that the hole can accept more games? I am not looking to get more keys back, but it won’t let me throw in more than one.


is there a way of knowing what kind of steam codes work with this. Cause i got a cheap code and it said it already rewarded me.


I think any valid Steam code will work. It probably isn’t letting you put in more because you already put one in? Like what happened with me?


The hole wasn’t very kind with me (already redeemed key). Great idea from Chrono.GG, however! :christmas_tree:


i only put one in and it said it rewarded me but i never put in any keys. My brain.


I cannot tell you the reason then… sorry… Since I was asking from @lonin and @dusty above with a different question, maybe they can figure this one out too…


thank you.


Sure thing. If they aren’t overly swamped with questions elsewhere, hopefully we will hear back soon.


I got an “invalid product code” :disappointed:


I got an invalid product code :frowning: