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Game Hole - 12/2/18 - ???


You buy them from keysites like Greenmangaming, humblebundle, fanatical etc. - but. tbh you only should do this when you allready have spare keys instead of buying one just for that hole.


Yeah, it’s a one time thing.


i see. I dont usually have spare keys i just buy the game and play it. Thanks for the help.


Fed it a random spare key, got Zombie Ballz out. :slight_smile: Happy to get a fairly positive small indie title I don’t already have.


Sent in Orwell, received a game only negative reviews. Big OOF


I tried to enter a code but it said “the hole has already rewarded you”, even though it hasn’t given me any codes

It’s might be because I gave it the key aaaaa-aaaaa-aaaaa but now when I put in an actual key it won’t work?


same here. I have back pain.


Now, when I try and put it in again it just says “the hole rejects your offering”


i got Save Jesus


Sent in Tomb Raider (2013) and received a key for a game I already own (not even sure what it was) so I don’t know if the key is usable but here it is anyway:




I threw No time to explain Remaster and got Puzzle Chambers which seems like an okay hidden gem.

Here’s another No time to explain Remaster since I can’t feed the hole twice.


Hint: It’s over ?000!


Just Ignore Them. Not bad :slight_smile:
I hope the key I dropped still works. It’s kinda old.


Already have it, whatever it is so feel free to take this key - WFV6H-36CTN-VBGVI


It was killing floor 1, which I also already own. If you ever want to find out what a game is you can click proceed or whatever it says and it will pull up the installation window.


it doesnt always tell you . Or at least it doesnt tell me :confused:


Got a used key, oh well. :expressionless: Better luck next time!


Ok cool, for some reason the proceed button didn’t show and Steam just gave me a time out message. Thanks for letting me know what it was.


I assume some in here don’t see the difference in an allready used key and one you allready own.

If you see a “duplicated product code” message, it’s a key somone else allready claimed. If you allready own the game, steam will tell you that this game is allready in you library.

If you get that duplicated key message it basicly means, someone put an allready used code it to lower the chance that he get’s banned for putting in a fake key


Whelp, threw in a key for Bastion, got a used key. GG I guess.