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Game Hole - 12/2/18 - ???


Put in Pillars of Eternity, got Golem Creation Kit - Totally worth it :smiley:


Mine got rejected also.


Gave key for
Volgarr the Viking

and got an invalid key. :frowning:
Wish there was a way to punish those who give fake keys.


Whoever gets Pillars of Eternity they are getting something grand. Good of you to put that in there. :+1:


I already had whatever I pulled out, so…


Reach for it, mister!


Wrong CTRL+C and isn’t possible to recover it :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


Game Hole always generous with me, got a working key again :3


Write me a PM, lets see if I can give you something instead then :wink:




"The hole has already rewarded you. ಠ_ಠ"
Why? Is that because I tried something random before?
Now “The hole rejects your offering.”.
I didn’t read how does it work the first time.


Mine was rejected, can’t get another one now.


Got my own code back out, rip.


Can someone please help me with this hole. I dont know how this works, i just finished the tutorial for my account. Help me please im getting scared and i need food.


You put in a key and receive a key which someone else threw in there - ez as that


Become the hole.


I do not get why this exists. Do you literally take all the keys and throw them into a server which then throws out a random other key?


The Game Hole works in mysterious ways.


how do i get steam keys. Can i go to steam and buy a game, and get a key. I’m not sure how people are getting keys.


But i dont know how. Looks intimidating.


is this only a one time thing? cause I gave a key once now I’m getting a “The hole has already rewarded you. ಠ_ಠ” message . . .