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Game Hole - 12/2/18 - ???


I feel like this Black Hole event (and corresponding thread) is perfect for weeding out the leeches, scumbags, degenerates, lowlifes, freeloaders, mooches, choosy beggars, and/or idiots. It is perfect. Never change Chrono. :grin::+1:


Man I missed that timecube link yesterday! Keep spreading the truth.:ok_hand:t4:


Sadly too many people feed the hole with fake keys and I got one -.-


If anyone still haven’t got 12 better than 6 / knights and merchants for some reason, here you go


If someone actually takes these, please respond :white_flower:


Hey man, got Knights and Merchants, thanks!!


Got this key from the Hole, have no idea what it is. Steam says i already own it:


I have a key for Shadowrun returns i was going to put in the hole to try for another, but they changed deals before I finished.

I don’t want it, so here it is:



How do I get a Game Hole Key?


The hole has passed, next time it graces us with it’s presence you might have your chance.


I got an duplicate code :frowning:


free good Games action today Freebie Games for Steam or Origin , Uplay ?
I´m new :slightly_smiling_face:


To language?
I don’t know what it is you’re asking, there are no free games. The hole takes what you give and there’s no telling what it’ll give you in return, if anything. Steam keys is what the format is based on.




y but u can throw yr physical games in the physical game hole:


Actually they just found the real Game Hole


Humans be like: oh a big ominous unexplored hole in the middle of nowhere

Researchers: shifty eyes if you went there you could actually di-




I’m wondering how many keys that were freely posted in this thread remain unclaimed.

…and the ultimate hole exploration movie:


Its for western press apparently? The key should still be there since I own it.


Duplicate key. Whoever put it in used it already.


Got sanctum 2 and i already have it so here you go:
Hope whoever gets in enjoys it!


I’m very disappointed in the lack of comments about the beautiful cat that graced this Game Hole.