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Game Dev Studio - 11/12/19 - $2.99


Today’s deal is Game Dev Studio!





You’re sitting in front of your computer, wondering how you got here when you finally see it, a badge on your email app, letting you know you have (ONE) new message. It’s from some silly purple website that seems like it has to do with time travel or your big brother’s favorite JRPG, but that’s when you see it: they’re selling copies of Game Dev Studio today on their daily deal site for three dollar. Cleverly hidden in the UI at the top right of the screen, you double check to make sure you can absolutely afford it. You can.

Suddenly through the very walls around you, as if from another world, floats the voice of your mother. It feels like you haven’t talked to her in years. All you can remember is that there was a great deal on a game in your inbox yesterday, too, and that other weird bedroom you keep sleeping in. You look towards your mom’s voice but it puts your eyes right into a sun beam. You reach up to shield your eyes, and about 6 inches in front of your face, you feel a hard plastic shield, stopping you from making contact with your face. Your mother’s voice is getting closer. Chrono.gghasagreatdealonGameDevStud-

The light has become dark. You’re in the other bedroom from your dreams. In your hand you’re holding something that feels like an old phone receiver, but when you look down at it, it seems more like sunglasses. You glance up to see your mom in her nighty in the doorway. “You can’t keep clomping around up here. It’s three in the morning.” You look at your monitor. It’s the new steam. But earlier, wasn’t Game Dev Studio on sale in the old-but then you look at the game on the screen. It’s something called “Game Dev Studio Is On Sale Simulator VR.” Steam sales are crazy, yo.

The official trailer for Game Dev Studio:

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Hmm… Sounds like a fun game for those who don’t rely on first impressions/lack of patience.


This is a fun title, but it has game breaking bugs that have been present since launch that have yet to be addressed. I posted via the official Steam forum and the developer, while attentive and polite, is often dismissive of user’s bug reports, which is frustrating - and hasn’t fixed them (e.g., employee assignments, controller support).