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Well lets put @Gnuffi’s whole comment into context rather than just selecting the parts we want

So yes he does say it is a Asian/Indian symbol but he also says that it is associated with with the Nazis. Now all of these facts you, I and @Gnuffi know but it doesn’t make it right to post the picture here, it is in poor taste and is considered highly offensive to many people (espcially when you hover over it and the file is called national_socialist_swastika.png which definitely means the image itself is related to Nazism).

Just because it can mean something else does not make it right to put that sort of imagery here.


Sigh…it’s been one of those days…

Can we agree that it’s all about the context in which a something (word, imagery, whatever…) is used? Words can mean different things depending upon context (polysemy) and I generally sign up to the idea that if offence is not intended then don’t create it. Surely we’re all friends here?


In an ideal world that would be true but offence generally is taken in spite of context, clearly some had a problem with it as it was flagged.

Someone today from the forums was talking to me about the issues with pewdiepie for instance, his use of nazi materials, Antisemitic terms and the n word all got him into trouble despite the context they were in (these are the examples I remember from the issues he had, please feel free to correct me if i’m wrong).

Again this is taking the forum topic off track and so maybe lets get it back on track.

Again as I said in another topic if you have an issue with how I handled this or feel I am not doing my job correctly as a mod please feel free to PM me or talk to the other mods.

It’s 3:30 am for me so I am going to bed now, but if you do PM me I will get back to you.


are you quite done now?
“language and symbolism evolve”, sure
but we ain’t talking about fcn either, we are talking about origins
(which is part of why your apples to oranges bs point failed with the swastika)
you, incorrectly, attributed, my gnome to hearthstone, not its “language”, symbolism or other. Which i, gently, corrected and reminded that the origin and hence my use was quite another.
Now instead of just accepting that, or hell rolling your eyes and moving on, you dug in, and doubled down, to which i then (stupidly) bother to show how wrong you are, again.

Now, you then trying to compare that to a bs parallel with something like the (potential) various swastika meanings, (and then trying to excuse it) falls flat even harder. More so when your location supposedly is in Spain, a part of europe that still should get somewhat basic ww2 history lessons during school,
-tho that’s ofc a bit presumptuous of me, since you could have moved there as an adult, from a part of the world where the symbol doesn’t have the same connotations as the west.
(tho still hard to believe someone could go completely unscathed even from the western meaning of the swastika anno 2018)
But even so, it’s a deeply flawed comparison for this

Hell, if i had used a Santa jpg, you would have been better off trying to make an argument of why that surely must have been the Coca Cola Santa, or even X movie/story related character eg.(Tim Allen)The Santa Clause instead of some particular i might have had in mind.

Now i did have a feeling you would irk ahead with what appears a habitual “needs last word” which was also in part why i told you to search for treasure where the sun don’t shine in a cordially manner, because i really thought that would be the end of it and i couldn’t bother with more from you. Lo and behold, you, just, can’t, fcn, quit.
I really hope you think i’m not worth the time, that would cease more replies/notifications attached with you, which i’m all for. But blow me sideways if i’m gonna let you exit stage left on that misbegotten attempt at correction on your part

Language, meaning, symbolism all evolve, (ie change), yes -their origins do not.
Just because something popularizes it (or misappropriates it) doesn’t change where it came from
so let me say it again, it did not come from hearthstone. I know this, not because i even knew it was from X specific wow character, but because i used it years before Heartstone even was made -and it’s labeled under it’s original name in my folder too even. +for that matter it’s merely “generic Gnome creation; with most common facial hair, with most popular colour; pink” combined with an actual ingame item the mind control cap. Which i like meni meni others actually ran around playing “looking like that”, doesn’t get more standard gnome char than that pic.
(And because “everything” from Heartstone is ripped/reused assets from WoW!)
doesn’t matter where you or other "first learned aobut it"these days, doesn’t matter if generation Z is gonna think Starcraft invented spacemarines or if Warcraft invented Orcs and Elves, or that Coca Cola invented Santa; doesn’t change their origin even if what they remind people of is different than where it came from -when what we are talking about is where something came from.

and i’ll remind everyone here again, including you, we were never talking about the “meaning” or “interpretation” of a symbol or imagery, but straight up where something came from, aka “the origin”.
So don’t bother drawing more conclusions or correlations, this was a quite small/simple subject that got blown way the fck out, our of sheer arrogant stubborn argumentativeness

and i’m sorry to @Shalandir (and the mods/community) for taking part in spiraling your lovely topic out like this but i’ll be darned if i’ll accept such asinine replies lighthearted.
Because fck me should Eidos have stopped 3 posts ago while was still slightly “ahead” of my pissy tolerance lvls.

and ps changing it to a stuffed bear toy still doesn’t work, because Teddy Bear is (still somewhat) of a “local” language figurative, as it’s simply not called a Teddy Bear in “all” other languages thus the meaning, symbolism, (and even still origin) doesn’t match up with what you are trying to get at “here”


Yours glow. HS foil glow. No other. Yours is from HS.

No, I didn’t bother reading you.


just fck off and kindly don’t @ me on this forum again i’ve had about enough of you and yours :man_facepalming:

The artwork for this card comes from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game “Wrathgate” series, for the card Crusade Engineer Spitzpatrick.
The card art depicts Crusade Engineer Spitzpatrick, a gnome quest giver that appears in the Valley of Echoes in Icecrown.


‘‘Tis the season I guess @Eidos @Gnuffi — gotta have the two slightly drunk uncles fighting over by the fireplace. Thanks for the apology Gnuffi, but it was kind of empty since you continued derailing. And Eidos plus Gnuffi, there is a difference between origin and popularization; we often give credit to whatever popularized a symbol despite knowing or not knowing the origins.

To that point, you’re both technically correct because you’re starting with different definitions and baseline assumptions, never having agreed upon specific word choices AND agreeing on a similar meaning. Neither of you are arguing very effectively as you both devolved into ad hominem attacks, strawmen arguments, and salty language instead of first reaching consensus on a foundational understanding of words you planned to use.

However, I still haven’t changed the title. This topic was, is, and will be focused on holiday events for your games-as-a-service games and what devs are trying to peddle us. For me, I just discovered Ubisoft is making our points expire (bad) but they are having a holiday sale so we can pick stuff up with them before they’re gone (slightly redeeming…). I hate blackout dates on points ever since I lost 105,000 (yes it is a lot) of Hilton HHonors points from staying at Hilton hotels ~3 months over the course of a year…fell off the earth for 11 months (deployment), came back, got back into the swing of things only to disappear again for 6 months. Went to try to use my points a few months later only to discover they had expired. Customer Service said the most they could extend the original points was 1 year due to my circumstances but that still left me short, so they effectively gave me the “you’re SOL” speech. So yeah, that 105k translated to nearly 2 weeks of free stays at the nicest Hilton’s anywhere, gone. Blackout dates on points suck. I hate them. So Ubisoft, shame on them. It’s just a digital number stored in a digital database, for a digital account, that they have to keep track of anyway so it is not causing them any extra effort to store a point recorded in 2015 versus points from 2017! It’s so silly. But at least I can use them this week on Anno DLC or something I guess, it’s better than what I could have got for them last month at least.

Speaking of UbiSoft, are their new Assassin’s Creed games (Origin and Odyssey) holiday events reasonably priced considering how much goodwill they have earned from these two new games? Everyone seems to love them, and Ubisoft finally managed the transition from mostly single-player to single-player with the option to play multiplayer (and late game raiding requiring groups).


I know it’s (possibly) a sore topic for you but I’m currently annoyed that regional pricing has knocked on the Origin store for…dun, dun…dun!!! Mass Effect Andromeda. It’s $3.99 on the US Store but £6.99 on the UK side. Which equates to $8.84…more than double. Andromeda might be worth at punt at $4 but I’m bowing out at $9.


I think some bodies need a break from the forum.

Honestly. If I say something, and someone replies saying contrary. I reply once again to clarify. If they reply still in contrary. Then I just assume they willing misunderstand or don’t care to accept my thoughts.

Both of which requires me to ignore the rest of the conversation and move on with life. (Haha, especially if they reply with a dozen paragraphs explaining how I’m wrong. Who has time for that?) Its how I stay happy in hostile forums and its worked for me so far.

PS. The Buddhist symbol swirls the opposite direction. Except the Tibetan symbol with dots. May be wrong, as it has been many years since I’d learned that.