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Galaxy Squad - 2/28/20 - $1.89


Today’s deal is Galaxy Squad!





You ever just get your ass absolutely kicked by cravings? Like I’m talking absolutely obliterated, no chance at all, totally demolished by some random urge that just spawns in the back of your mind for who knows why. The one that makes you lay uncomfortably in your bed at night because you know you should be getting sleep and not eating but also you just got really hungry for this one super specific thing, and like you might be able to fall asleep without eating it, but also you might just lie awake for another hour wishing you had gotten up an hour ago to indulge your craving. That kinda craving.

We all already know where this is heading because there’s no such thing as dramatic irony anymore and I gave it away in the title so, you guessed it, that one super specific thing is a pickle. Many think that it needs to accompany something to be good, but they’re WRONG. A pickle can shine through with all its majesty on its own. Especially at midnight. But now we find ourselves at a new crossroads. Should the pickle be tart and sour, or should it be sweet? Even the primal midnight pickle urge has a bit of nuance to it, a spot of decision to be made.

To be fair, decisions are everywhere, all the time! Between sweet pickles, spicy pickles, sour pickles, pickles on our hamburgers, pickles on the side, pickles both on the side AND on our hamburgers, whether we want a pickled rogue-like or a turn based tactical pickle. Well my friends, today you don’t have to choose. Grab Galaxy Squad for only $1.89 and jam on some (unfortunately non-pickled) turn-based tactical rogue-like goodness.

The official trailer for Galaxy Squad:

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Sale price info:
This is the lowest Galaxy Squad has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $1.99 on Steam.

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FTL meets X-COM? Hmm… Interesting. Also sounds like I’ll lose. A LOT.


This game is awesome, especially because the single Dev has worked on it tirelessly. And he listens to user input too :blush: