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Galaxy of Pen & Paper +1 - 5/15/20 - $3.49


Today’s deal is Galaxy of Pen & Paper +1!





Have you ever played a tabletop RPG campaign with friends that got so real you forgot where you were while you were playing it? Like, where when you look down at yourself, instead of wearing your normal schlubby game night clothes, you can actually see the armor on your body and the weapon in your hand? Have you ever taken a bite of the summer sausage and Ritz snack tray and wondered to yourself “where did this come from? Aren’t we in a dungeon?”

You get the idea. It’s rare that anything without a screen (or at least some bacon and a fried egg) on it becomes totally immersive anymore, but tabletop RPGs never fail to deliver that delicious imagination fuel you need to forget yourself and become the game. And yet, we here at Chrono, a company that sells video games you play on screens, realize that a lot of you out there reading this probably have never felt that feeling, whether it be because you’ve never played a tabletop RPG before, or you’re just too cool for school and unlike Elsa, can’t let yourself go.

But do not worry, because we did not just bring this up to make fun of you and call you a “no-imagination jones”, we actually offer a solution! Today’s game is Galaxy of Pen and Paper, and it’s about a bunch of friends rolling dice in the 90’s so hard that they go INTO their favorite tabletop sci-fi RPG. Now you can relive that wonderful gift again and again without ever having to work out your own creative juices! Isn’t that great? Plus, and this huge for right now, you can play it while you’re totally alone! Awesome, right? Friends for when you have none! Thanks!

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