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Furi - 7/26/20 - $6.99


Today’s deal is Furi!




The official trailer for Furi:

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hugs the soundtrack esp. the theme song

hugs the cute puns in the blurb

On a serious, have mixed feelings about this one. Some people say once you learn the boss pattern, it’s way to easy. Others love it much and yet others, claim too hard. I dunno. One thing for sure, it looks as delicious art-wise as tacos are taste-wise.


I played it on Origin Pass. Threw it away after the first boss, where the game not only forced me to parry, but also punished me a lot for not parrying correctly. Got really frustrated with that. The soundtrack is great, tho


Absolutely brilliant and amazing game.

If you need any more convincing , my review


not tryna be rude, but

“it’s amazing! if you don’t believe that read it here again!”

probably won’t convince either :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :yum:


The soundtrack on this one… I still listen to some of the songs to this day.



But it’s not “read it here again”, it’s “if you don’t believe it, listen to my arguments here”, which is a perfectly normal thing to do. Sorry for offtopicing


Erm… what?

I’ve posted my own review which goes into detail about the game and why i hold it in such high regard.


Love the music!


That’s a little bit like complaining that a platformer forces you to jump, and punishes you a lot for not jumping. It’s a core aspect of the combat, just as much as dashing, attacking, and shooting. Parry timing is very lenient in Furi, especially when compared to other difficult games.

Anyways, this is a fantastic game, if you’re interested in combat with a good level of challenge. I’d highly recommend those who only played it on normal difficulty to go in again, and experience the hard difficulty, it’s very challenging, but double the fun.

The game is also very forgiving, you have multiple lives, regain a life every phase, and if you’re struggling with a specific boss or phase, there is a practice mode which allows you to skip to specific phases, be completely invulnerable so you can practice very time efficiently.


I just dislike parrying mechanics in general. And didn’t have a problem with it in Dead Cells and a few other games. It’s not really the same as jumping on a platformer imo (and the punishment I meant was - you can kill the boss only when you parry, and if you don’t parry enough, repeat the boss)


In Furi, the parry has a very large window, comes telegraphed with a loud audio and bright visual cue, and is a lot simpler. You hear the cue, you wait a bit, you press the button. The punishment for failing a parry is the same as if you’d done nothing. Succeeding a parry gives you some health back, and doing it with very good timing gives you a perfect parry and combo.

Comparing it to more standard parrying systems like Dark Souls and Dead Cells, where failing a parry sees you taking a large amount of damage (former), or permanent damage (latter). And having to read the timing off of the telegraphs, rather than clear cues. I don’t think these are very similar mechanics. They share a name, sure, but their execution is so vastly different, that it’s not the same. The mechanic is closer to a rhythm game than to a traditional parry.

You can of course still dislike it, I just think it’s a weird thing to give up on the game for. Yes, the tutorial forces you to learn the mechanic. It also forces you to use melee attack, ranged attack and dashes. It also forces you to live through CQC sections and a bullet hell section. Makes sense for the game to make sure you know what all the primary mechanics do, and how to use them.


Huh. That makes so much sense as to why the music is so rocking, it is, I’m assuming, a part of the game isn’t it? :thinking:


I admit it’s weird, but people have different weird reasons to dislike games. I even made a topic on Chrono on weird reasons people dislike games. And I did find parrying in Dead Cells way easier than in Furi


yeah I was rly just about it being 2 reviews by the same person. I’d rather have taken one time yours and one time idk who’s but nvm


Original Soundtrack @ Bandcamp:

Spoilers: it’s great. :+1: Synthwave FTW!


I quite liked that!


It’s an awesome game. It’s tough as nails but I managed to beat the final boss and the DLC boss. The parry mechanic feels great once you get the timing down. It’s one of my favourite games ever.


Yeah. I thank the Hotline Miami duology for finding about it.