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Furi - 5/5/19 - $6.99


Today’s deal is Furi!





Hey dude! Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Oh please, it’s basically Mexican Saint Patrick’s Day here…

I mean, you’re not wrong…so what game did we put on sale to celebrate?

Nothing. Even that would be exploitative.

For sure. No, I agree…so what game IS for sale today?


Oh, is that the one where you break out of jail and systematically kill all your jailers?


Cool…cool…is there like, a margarita at the end or something?




So what actually is it, like fourth of July?

Nope, that’s September 16th. This is a military holiday.

Oh…well then why do people call it Mexican Independence Day?

Hmm…mostly ignorance, I think? Actually what if Furi celebrates where you should be put if you appropriate Mexican culture to get drunk all day?

I mean, I don’t think we’ll lead with that, but-

Or maybe it can just be the game you stay home and play unless you’re from Mexico, because today literally has no significance to you? Since that’s almost everyone, you know?

Yeah, I just feel like that’s weird messaging for a gaming websi-

They’ll figure it out.

You’re probably right…

Plus, what am I saying? Furi rules! And if you’re not content with a day at the park with a bluetooth speaker and some relatives and friends, this is probably one of the better ways to spend your Sunday!

True, true…

Pop quiz! Who was Mexico even fighting at the Battle of Puebla?

…The US?

Nope! France! Thanks beer companies!

That doesn’t sound super sincere…

It’s not.


It’s not.

The official trailer for Furi:

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