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Furi - 3/17/20 - $6.99


Today’s deal is Furi!





Oh man, did you see is selling that game Furry today?

What? Do you mean that super tough futuristic Afro Samurai-lookin’ game where you fight bosses to get out of jail?

Yeah, duh.

Well, THAT game’s called Fury, so I don’t know what game you’re talking about?

What? Why would it be called Fury?

Duh! Because you’re so pissed from having been stuck in jail, yo!

Yeah, or maybe you’re just wrong and it’s called Furry because the dude has a lot of hair?

That’s even stupider than my reason!

Okay, but you admit your reason is dumb then?

What the- okay, look. I’m just gonna look it up alright? That way, neither of us can poorly interpret the Japanese like an idiot…

Sounds good.

So, what does it say?

It says its pronounced “Furi”, just like its spelled, except the Japanese language has a sound that’s not quite an R and not quite an L that you’re supposed to use instead of a hard R.

Hmm…Fuuuuuuulri. Got it.

Fooooooorli. I’m not sure either of us are nailing this.

Fine, well what does it mean?

Well honestly, there’s a lot of options here and I’m not an expert, so I’m going to guess “freedom” because that honestly totally tracks.

Ohhhh! Freedom! That makes sense.

Wow, yeah. See? This is how we should always handle stuff we don’t understand. Just look it up, and be ready to be corrected.

Sure, but like, what if there WAS a game called Furry, though?

Oh, I would buy it immediately. I don’t even care what it is.

Noted, noted…

The official trailer for Furi:

Our favorite Steam reviews:

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Absolutely amazing game! My review if anyone is on a fence


Not on the fence at all. Traded for it, but didn’t activate since my company won’t run it well. I can try with GeForce now, which I’ve just heard about. Also, need an Internet cable though, as it’s a bit choppy with just wireless.

@Pylinaer Opportunity to snag your WIshlist game?


Imagine if there was a Furi and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance crossover… Or maybe I just want Rules of Nature in Furi.


Chrono has been on point with selling games that I would like when I need the money for other things. So unfortunately, I’ll have to pass. Moving isn’t cheap. Especially with current events. Yeah.


They stalk us…