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Furi - 2/18/19 - $8


Today’s deal is Furi!





Dang…you know that feel where you’re stuck in a waking dream but anytime you stop to think about it, not only are you nowhere, but also no time is passing? That rough Monday morning grind vibe where you suddenly remember with sobering clarity that you’re a hopeless prisoner, suspended forever in a psychedelic spacescape? That old “is-it-me-or-is-that-rabbit-in-bell-bottoms” that comes from suddenly being released from your shackles?

Yeah, and you know, we here at Chrono, we get it. Life is a struggle. Once you were a weapon, yada-yada-yada, you killed people, you did a bunch of stuff you can’t remember, and magically out of nowhere it’s a lifetime later, and that clackity-clack you hear really is the bunny man dropping your old space katana at your feet, ready to once again taste the blood of your greatest enemies. If I haven’t had at LEAST a cup or two of coffee by now, don’t ever bother talkin’ to me, because no one’s home a-listenin’. When will the rat race end?

It has been suggested by some of our more pretentious fans that we called our website Chrono as a reminder of the neverending flow of time, and how it renders all things temporary, so we can always live to seize the day, and to always find joy in the endless mundane routines of life. Close, but no cigar. You see it is time, alright, but where they say “it’s time that rules us all,” we’ve always believed that for curing a case of the Mondays, a better philosophy was just “it’s time to brutally and gracefully battle all your jailers to death with a light pistol and an electric sword.” Honestly, can you blame us?

The official trailer for Furi:

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Phenomenal game! I’ve even written little review for it if you are interested in buying it and need some opinions :



But it’s only $20 on Steam.



I’d buy this, but I already own it on GOG. It’s a game I keep going back to. The bosses would kick my butt for a while, I’d quit for a couple weeks, then go back and try again. Progressing little by little. Couldn’t stay away.

I can get to the last stage of the boss I left off on. I got him down to a sliver of health once, but he got me. Never give up!!

I haven’t played in a very long time. This inspires me to go back and try again. I hear thunder… pitter patter