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Full Metal Furies - 8/7/19 - $4.99/$7.99/$12.98


Today’s deal is Full Metal Furies!

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In the cool cartoon Spider-movie that’s still stuck in everyone’s brain like thick ropey MacFarlane-level webbing, the young and earnest boy-Spider spends almost the entire movie in the older deader Spider’s shadow. How can this strange awkward boy, who no one knows and knows nothing, possibly be a suitable replacement for a hero so nice, they rebooted him thrice? And yet, after consulting the world’s most emotive dormitory door and shoving an entire team of wacky Spider-friends back through a hole that smelled like the bright acid-y ink and roughly textured pages of a newspaper funny, he realized that it was only when he developed his own unique relationship with the Spider-ness that he could truly assume the Spider-mantle, as no one ever calls it.

And let us just take a second to check in with you for a second here, reader, because up until this very moment, you’ve only heard the preamble to a much more exciting part of our argument today, which is that the video game Full Metal Furies, the very same game we happen to be selling for 75% off today at just $4.99, is in almost the exact same position our Spider-young man finds himself in just before the climax of that new animated classic. This developer’s previous game, Rogue Legacy, was not only a famous and remarkable success, but also came along at the exact time a thought virus invaded the minds of every game developer at the game jam, bewitching them with pixel-art graphics and whispering songs about permadeath.

Everyone loves that game, and it’s made well, and it sold like hot cakes, and yet for some reason, their next game Full Metal Furies, which is just as good in its own different way, gets none of the same love. So really, all we’re really asking you to do here is to finish watching the movie. It is only when you develop your own unique relationship with Full Metal-ness that you can truly assume the Spider-mantle. Buy this video game at this good cheap price one time, and we’ll get you an audition next time they reboot Spider-Man.

The official trailer for Full Metal Furies:

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This is the lowest Full Metal Furies has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous sale was $6.50 on :sunglasses:

As always, use this thread to discuss this deal, talk about the game and find other people to play with!


That’s a very nice game :smile:


One of these days I’ll get around to playing this one. I just don’t wanna play it solo!


So last night I was trying to figure terminology and it’s confusing.

Co-op is like one copy of the game, two people playing on a couch with two controllers, yes? If so, then is co-op and local multiplayer the same thing?


No co-op just means you can play together, not compete against each other. As opposed to multiplayer which generally indicates that the players are your opponents. What you’re thinking of is often called Couch co-op, or local multiplayer/local co-op.


Ah! So local multiplayer means you compete, but still only one copy of the game, 2 controllers.

I did some reading on Steam and the group all had different answers. O_o


multiplayer also doesn’t necessarily mean that you compete though, it just means that several players can play together, could be that they compete, co-op, or just ignore each other.


Ugh… I found something with a split screen the other day and was wondering how it worked. Thinking this is similar, but some reason, my computer won’t play anything from video sites.

Not Youtube, Dailymotion or anywhere… so I can’t see the video above here either.


probably u have some add-on blocking it, or maybe u need to update something (i dont think those still use flash player, but something else then)

but yeah, local multiplayer could be split-screen, like mario kart, and it could also just be not split-screen, like fifa for example


Hm… would could be blocking Youtube? Everything ran fine up to last night.

The videos on Steam work just fine too.

Edit: Something is very wrong though. I can’t even click on thumbnails in Youtube - nothing happens. Dailymotion comes up blank. Very odd. The vid here just keeps on showing the loading circle, but then nothing happens.

Update: Clearing cache of browser wasn’t enough, and nothing in Flash needed updating. Even clicking the lock at the left of the URL to Allow Flash didn’t work. Had to reset Chrome - all the Speed dial and such is gone now, but Videos are playing again. >.<


Got this one in Humble Monthly back in February. I downloaded then and still haven’t played it. I really need to.