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Full Metal Furies - 12/19/18 - $8


Today’s deal is Full Metal Furies!





We realize that at first this probably won’t ring super true, but hear us out: four people is a kind of a lot. Like, sure, compared to a million it’s chump change, but that’s such a big number, it’s hard to even comprehend much less manage in any meaningful way, whereas with four, there’s almost no limit to what you can do. Just ask Full Metal Furies, which isn’t just the game we’re selling today for eight buckaroons, but also the name of a fake band our weird copywriter Alex created on his Algebra folder in eighth grade, even though they never had any songs.

On the surface, you’ve seen this game a million times: four-player co-op, fantasy beat-em up, tons of enemies to shred as you move through the dungeon, but once you get your hands on Full Metal Furies, you’ll see what we mean. Enemies with shields that match the colors of your characters, takedowns that require moves from two people at once, and satisfying environmental puzzles’ll have you questioning how many people you want around next time you have to change a lightbulb.

Any honestly, what kind of example is that for a task that takes everyone a different amount of time to do? Changing a lightbulb takes 30 seconds no matter who you are. It’s not a good rubric for group performance. You know what would be, though? Deciding where to eat. Now THAT’s something we wanna see four klingons do…what? Not a Star Trek fan? Good, cause Full Metal Furies is a fantasy game. Now you have no excuse.

The official trailer for Full Metal Furies:

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I’ve really wanted to play this game for sometime, so I think I’ll definitely be picking this deal up!

That’s some lofty praise! Castle Crashers is one of my favorite games of all time, so if Full Metal Furies can give it a run for its money, it’s sure to be an awesome game!


Aww I thought it said “Full Metal Furries” and I got excited UwU