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Frostpunk - 12/1/18 - $20


Today’s deal is Frostpunk!





Yo, oh dang, it’s December now!

I know, right? Man, I’m so excited for some snow…

Oh, I see. You didn’t grow up somewhere where there was snow, huh?

I mean, is it that obvious?

Of course it is! No one like, pines for colder weather if you grew up with it. It’s like you never even had to worry whether you’d be fine, or if the storm would get you.

Okay, well that seems a little extreme, but-

Pssh, well yeah! Easy for you to say when you’re not in the last city on Earth!

What? Last city on Earth? I thought we were talking about our childhoo-

Like, let me ask you this: would you still like the snow if it’s coming made you revert to steam technology for the good of the many?

I’m not even sure I know what you mean anymore? Has it ever been that bad in recent memory? I mean, I’ve never heard of anyone reverting back to steam tech…

Well I did, okay! And some people lived, and some people died!

Okay, I’m starting to not believe this is actually a real story you’re talking about. That would never happen in a world with modern infrastructure that the entire species gets boiled down to one city…

Oh yeah? Then where the heck are you from that you’re so high and mighty, huh?

Me? I’m from Vice City. B)

I hate you right now.


The official trailer for Frostpunk:

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you’ve got to ask yourself one question:
"Do you feel frosty?"




Quick, douse the fire with some frost, punk…


Great game but still cheaper elsewhere :





I recommend it :slight_smile: Even though I paid like 25 euro myself. Since then they have added quite some content, because that was the only really negative thing about the game. And perhaps late game performance.

I don’t recommend this game if you have 8GB RAM or lower, it’s prone to crash when running out of RAM.


isn’t instant gaming a “secondhand reseller”, ie they don’t get their keys “legit”/from publishers, but elsewhere like russian/asian vendors, taking advantage of regional pricing and just marking it up to west and effectively abusing devs regional pricing good will and screwing them over by not getting their deserved share?? :thinking:
idono, i’d probably prefer to buy from an authorized retailer, where i knew i actually supported the devs with my money, -instead of just saving an extra 80cents :man_shrugging: (or wait for a deeper sale if those 80cents are so precious…)
hell if “cents” is all that mattered to you why not just go link to full on scummy grey markets… ? :roll_eyes:

i could be wrong, and instantgaming and cdkeys etc could have gone fully legit “these days”. But since those sites and alike are still not on ITAD or r/gamedeals, i’m gonna assume they are still undercutting prices, in a way not benefiting/agreed upon with those that actually made the game


Sites like G2A are garbage indeed. Instant gaming is legit and has never had problems. They are not a market place for resellers like G2A.


just because they don’t have personal market resellers like g2a, doesn’t mean they are legit, if they aren’t getting their keys direct from publishers/devs but sourcing them from 3rd parties themselves they are still a secondhand seller, aka "not really legit"
just because a key works, doesn’t mean a site is actually authorized to sell it

(and whether or not abusing regional price difference is “technically illegal” is something the publishers have to deal with, but either way you’re not supporting the gamemakers with your money when you buy from those sites at those prices) -unless 11bit studios have actually made a deal with them for this game. Tho i doubt it; since a bunch of the other games they sure as heck don’t get straight from the real publishers


Trustpilot excellence and a FAQ regarding how they operate, on top of not having anyone but themselves as sellers seems to point that it’s not the case.

It’s great to be critical but accusing them of shady practices with no evidence seems unfair. One could very well accuse ITAD of shady business being paid by Chrono.GG wich happens to have a worse offer to boicot the other web in exchange of money under the table. As you can see, this is an unfair accusation as well, but entirely possible that Dusty is giving copies of Poop in my soup in exchange for non-advertised visibility.

I’m not sure what “not really legit” means. Unethical from your point of view or? I legit don’t know.

Asking the guy three times if those cents are so precious seems to me you got an overprotective attitude towards this website as much as the developers themselves.


I disagree, the other fellow’s answers did not demonstrate that they understood the full level of Gnuffi’s concern, which left part of the question unanswered. All Gnuffi has attempted was to clarify his point in an attempt to glean the information he felt necessary to determine whether these are legit keys or not.

Many people do not fully understand the mechanics involved in the global key market and think that just because no one has directly stolen any keys they are legitimate. The fact is that region trade of keys still potentially very damaging, it’s just not as noticeable. It’s a cumulative issue that will eventually risk making it very hard for people in certain regions of the world to afford videogames at all.

As for ITAD they are a reasonable tool to measure legitimacy with since they do work to verify the storefronts they feature. This of course does not mean anyone not featured is automatically illegitimate, could just not have gotten around to them yet or something. But still it’s a decent enough yardstick to use for figuring out at least when to start asking these questions first.


i’m not acusing them of anything “shady” (depending on your definition of shady)
i’m saying they are not an authorized “first party” seller(from my understanding), but a secondhand seller. ie not getting their keys straight from publisher, but “somewhere else” -most likely being russian/asian vendors, +scanning cheap retail box copies (given they have blizzard keys for instance)
this is not “technically illegal”, (the ethics of it could be argued mayhaps)
tho publishers have regional pricing for a reason, and “prefer” stuff like this not happening. because someone buying from a site that have likely paid less than 600rubels(because intended for the RU market) for a game that they then market up to 18€ to profit from the westerners = your moeny doesn’t go to the devs
so “you” might be saving 80cents, but you’re ripping off those that made the game by vendors abusing devs regional pricing goodwill.
-which is why we gradually keep getting those annoying region locks more and more
And because of that (not putting the money in the devs pocket), you might as well be buying from a straight up dodgy site like g2a, because the end result is the same, devs don’t get their “real” share of the price tag. ie if you “care” a bit about actually supporting those which product you buy -buy from authorized retailers, so they actually get paid “in full”


Very good point but asking “Why do you like your money” does not clarify anything, if we assume you’re trying to explain why rather than convince not to.


That’s what publishers brought on themselves IMHO. When they sell the same game on similar income markets for different prices like Paradox studios asking 20 dollars, but also 20 euro for that same thing. Which is considerably more. Despite the dollar being worth less than the euro for quite some time now.

Furthermore, Steam has already limited sales and trades between regions tremendously. First there are the region locks, so you cannot buy a cheap Russian key and redeem it (apart from maybe using VPN and whatnot). Second, if I want to gift someone a game, I cannot even do that anymore when the price difference between the countries is like 10% IIRC. Which is the case for pretty much any game when dealing with different currencies.

On sites like instant-gaming the difference between normal steam retail and their price is usually around 30% discounted for me. That’s a really big difference.

Also when you buy on steam, the developers/publishers don’t get all the money either and I doubt Instant Gaming and the like have a 80% profit margin, but 30-40% is pretty normal.
They could be doing the following: Getting legit keys from an official retailer for a discount (since its wholesale), the retailer could also be from a currency which is in general cheaper at the moment (like dollar versus euro) and they could also charge less margin. If their margin is only 20% and they get a discount of 5%. Then a game that is 20 euro will be:
20 * 70% = 14 (developers cut on steam)
14 * 95% = 13,30 (5% discount)
13,30 / 80% = 16,625 total price with 20% margin
100% - 16,625/ 20 = 16,875% discount

Probably the real trick would be that they evade taxes somewhere, because VAT alone would save them ~20% for European sales. But that’s just speculation from my end.

To illustrate, just look at the price differences for Frostpunk on Steam.
Euro |€ 29.99||
Dollar |$ 29.99|(€ 26.40, -11.97%)|
Pound|£ 24.99|(€ 28.06, -6.44%)|
Norwegian Krone |kr 207.00|(€ 21.25, -29.14%)|

Norwegians get almost a 30% discount for the same game on steam because of this. They have an average wage of about 10k more than the Netherlands. So they are not poorer in any way. Until this is somewhat rectified, I only expect grey sites to expand their market share.