Friday: Le Mans Ultimate online racing

ok, ran into a slight issue with the animator, lol. He sent me a first draft, and I do like the drawings, but the problem is I sent him a reference creature that he could base it on, clearly explaining it shouldn’t be the same creature but just use the idea behind it (first of all cuz I don’t want it to be the same creature, which is kinda scary [more so stupid] and disgusting, while I want it to be cute and loveable, and secondly because of obvious copyright issues).

And of course he literally recreated the exact same creature…

But there’s a reason I get to give him feedback twice before the final product, so let’s hope he’s able to rectify this in a satisfying manner.

edit: well, he told me not to worry and then he’ll make all the necessary adjustments. Maybe this is normal for a first sketch just to give me an idea of what each emote is going to look like style-wise first. I wouldn’t have the slightest idea. But we’ll see what happens.


I hope this turns out well for you. No need to feel bad. You didn’t know.

The fact you are turning this into a learning experience for others is awesome too. I don’t know if @BlivetWidget might have some advice for you since he is doing his thingy on YouTube.

My attention span is about 10 minutes at a time if that. I still haven’t watched the new Babylon 5 movie yet and it’s been out for about almost a month. I just don’t feel like siting down for an hour and a half…


Yeah, I’m more than happy to share with the forum here. This is also where the core of my support is, that and my family, and I’ve made many friends here over the years so it’s pretty cool to share this experience with all of you and see where it could go together.

I’m live now incidentally XD:


yo guys, testing this new game that just released:


Yo, the animator got back to me and, wow, he did an amazing job actually. I’m very pleased with the result. I asked him to make just a few more changes and then he still has to create the Twitch banner. He asked for 36h extra on his deadline and I’m fine with that, and then hopefully I’ll be able to upload them to Twitch and show you the result here as well.


gonna keep going in Dark Souls Remastered today.

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yo guys, I’ve received the emotes, sub badge, and banner and am very pleased with it:


sub badge:



IMG_20230914_123406_(112_x_112_piksel) IMG_20230914_123410_(112_x_112_piksel) IMG_20230914_123414_(112_x_112_piksel) IMG_20230914_123437_(112_x_112_piksel) IMG_20230914_123441_(112_x_112_piksel)
IMG_20230914_123417_(112_x_112_piksel) IMG_20230914_123421_(112_x_112_piksel) IMG_20230914_123425_(112_x_112_piksel) IMG_20230914_123428_(112_x_112_piksel) IMG_20230914_123433_(112_x_112_piksel)

let me know what you guys think about these!

I told the guy I wanted a creature based on the Simpsons aliens, but cute and Chibi style instead of scary and disgusting, lol (I don’t know why; I just woke up one day and that’s what was in my head rofl, and sometimes I like to just run with shit that randomly pops up in my head in the off-chance that there’s a “reason” for that).

my additional instructions as feedback after second draft (first draft he literally recreated those aliens rofl) was to remove the ears and helmet, change the teeth (from long and pointy to what it’s now), and make the head rounder cuz that would make it cuter too, I felt.

the artist:


They look more like squids with collars, but they are cute.


they do, lol, but that’s what I was going for, lol, literally a space octopus, lol. The thing is I definitely feel like the squid arms (with the suckers on them) look way better than if they were just plain, and that’s actually the artist’s own initiative, so definitely happy with that detail as well.


I liked from them, they look really cute. :blush:

All we need now is a “NO, STOP!” emoji and we’re good to go. :joy:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Yeah, it has became a trademark on your streams, ha, ha!

I still think you need to change weapons according to the situation. :wink:


I guess, yes, and I do occasionally switch to that lightning spear, but only rarely when I feel it will definitely be better.


today is the day guys!!!

can’t wait to be done with work and go explore the city of Krat!


going live now guys, with Lies of P!


another clip by @carvalho20ptc!

this one I made myself XD:

and this one as well, rofl:

@Animosity killing it with the timings on those channel point rewards btw :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

oh, and the game is amazing as well, I must say, looks beautiful and very well optimized too, no complaints at all


this one is a bit of a spoiler regarding a specific boss fight, just fyi


today is going to be a short, 2-hr stream with 1 gifted sub at the end of each hour to make up for the one I forgot to gift yesterday XD. (I’m also going to test streaming at 1080p instead of 936p because though that will not necessarily make a difference for Twitch, it might make a difference for Youtube uploads… but it’s just a test atm)

about to go live, hope 2 hours will be enough to finally beat the boss in the above clip


yo, playing Party Animals today, which just released today