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Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare - 3/21/20 - $16.99


Today’s deal is Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare!





Okay, so real quick, let’s lay this all out: Today’s game is called Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare, and basically what it is is a RPG/Strategy game where you build a small force, grow it into an army, and whether you choose to be good or bad, you’re meant to wage wars against the other entities on the giant map. HOWEVER, instead of just watching it unfold while you click on stuff, Freeman actually allows you to jump into an FPS mode with your AI team alongside, and get into the action yourself.

So far? All awesome, and honestly, this game totally rocks, especially for less than 20 bucks, but in researching this game to write about it for you, we were reminded of something that really grinds our gears: “God view”. Now, listen, we’re just a website that LOVES game deals so we’re not offended for religious reasons or anything, but if I was a god and I heard that basically a fairly high-up overhead view carried my name, I’d be a little PO’d.

Like, isn’t that more just like “helicopter view” or “mountain cliff view”? Isn’t God an all-powerful omnipotent presence that controls all our lives and can do literally anything? Shouldn’t “God view” be like, growing to the size of a galaxy and watching a star supernova and destroy all its orbiting planets? Couldn’t God like, go back to the beginning of the universe and watch that first big explosion with sunglasses, a pack of crackers, and a juice box? Couldn’t God like, create his own universe to be in where every single person looks exactly like Woody Harrelson from the end credits of Venom (2018)? Just sayin’. Anyway, buy this game please. Thanks.

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More like bird’s eye view and spiritual possession? Would that have been a better description? After all, God view would be like guaranteeing all action goes according to your wishes, while single character spiritual possession just to go “pew pew pew” against your enemies seem more appropriate.

Game definitely seems interesting. :+1:


I will make my soldier naked and fight with all the indecency in the world!