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FRAMED Collection - 5/1/19 - $6.49


Today’s deal is the FRAMED Collection!





Listen, I was just doing what I always do, reading a comic with my coffee in the morning to get my right and put me in touch with my sense of childlike wonder, see? Don’t judge me for that, ya loser, okay? And as I’m getting deeper into the story I see it’s about spies, except I’m thinkin’ to myself as I read it, I says “Wait just a minute here, all these spies keep dyin!” It was like they wasn’t even good at their jobs or somethin’, it was crazy.

But then I really started looking at the panels and I thought to myself…”you know, this spy would be way better at not getting spotted if this panel here came before this panel here”. And I know what you’re thinking, that sounds absolutely crazy, but if you don’t cultivate your sense of childlike wonder, your brain won’t even have a chance of working like that. I sipped my coffee, made a wish, and tried dragging the panel over. It worked! Did I mention I read my comics on a computer?

Well, sure enough, it turns out the person I share my computer with, which is another way I sometimes refer to my mom, bought a copy of the Framed Collection on sale today from, and dragging comic panels around is exactly what it’s all about! To be honest it sounded sacreligious at first, but once I heard Hideo Kojima named the first game as his game of the year a few years back, I kept going with it and I’m glad I did. Now I’m gonna go top off my coffee, so go buy the game, okay? Cool.

The official trailer for the FRAMED Collection:

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Would anyone recommend this? Looks cool but idk.