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Forged Battalion - 3/1/19 - $6.50


Today’s deal is Forged Battalion!





Oh hey dude, what’s up?

Not much, man.

Oh really? How are you?

Umm, not great since the world ended and that globe spanning army The Collective took over.

Ugh, I know, right? Total bummer. Like, can I just get my basic freedoms, please?


Yeah, but you know what? Other than that it’s not so bad. I mean, like, I’m a commander and an engineer, so there’s always gonna be work at least.

Yeah, I guess that’s one way of looking at it, I just feel like maybe if we’re all so pissed about The Collective we should do something, right?

I mean, sure, but like, what are you suggesting? Didn’t you just like, design RPGs before the apocalypse?

Okay, yes, but don’t say “just”, that’s insulting.

Sorry, I just don’t think I’m following.

Okay, well like, you know about the Resistance, right? And what they’re all about?

I mean, I can imagine, their name is pretty clear.

Right, duh, I’m an idiot, but my point is, you’re an Engineer/Commander, why don’t you just make an army for us…


I mean…them…

Are you with the Resistance, bro!

Okay, FINE! Yes. I am, but listen: if you join us, I’ll make you nice UI based off of skill trees, okay? And then you can just lead your troops like Starcraft or something! We’ll win, dude!

Okay, but can you not mention Starcraft when we’re talking about taking back the planet from our oppressors? It’s freaking me out.

Sure dude, whatever you say. Just trying to save the planet and junk…

Jesus, I’m already on your side, okay? No need to guilt me!

(This is gonna be just like the last mission of Brood War…)

What did you say?


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Hello , i buyforged battalion but when itry redeem key it says that key was activated on another account. Please help.


I hope you can get the issue resolved.


We had a little hiccup in the system this morning but everything was resolved shortly after so nobody should be having issues anymore. If anyone does run into a problem, just shoot an email over to or dm me here and I’ll help ya out :cowboy_hat_face:



issue resolved thank you for quick fix