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Flashing Lights - 8/24/19 - $9.99


Today’s deal is Flashing Lights!





So, it’s pretty interesting to imagine that even though we all agree that they’re good to have around and that they’re all heroes for doing the amazing stuff they do, no really WANTS to see a police officer, firefighter, or EMT unless they’re in some SERIOUS trouble. And you know, it DOES make sense; like, what are you going to do, take an EMT out for coffee? Bother people at the police station? Try and fit in at the firehouse? No way, baby! But after today, when you buy one of our historically cheap copies of Flashing Lights, at least you’ll know what it could be like.

Now granted, YOU YOURSELF could actually have one of these jobs in real life, to which we say you know, today’s game might not be for you, but for those of you who never have to worry about high stakes things like ruining someone’s day with a parking ticket, treating serious auto injuries, or freeing someone from a burning car with the jaws of life, this is a great low-risk version of those jobs that doesn’t revolve around actual people being in danger, and even though it’s not really anything like the real thing, if you’ve never done these things before, it’s a nice safe facsimile, and no one even has to be around to judge you if you don’t want!

So please, consider dropping the ten measly bucks, if not for any other reason than just because if you decide to stream it on Twitch, every time you rescue someone from the clutches of death, you can play a short clip of the song How To Save a Life by The Fray, which feels like a modern reference to this copywriter, but in actuality, reader, is unfortunately almost 15 years old. And if you see any of your real service women and men out there doing a great job, shower them with praise, because while this game IS fun, the real thing is difficult, oftentimes upsetting, and completely necessary for society to function.

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This is the lowest Flashing Lights has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $10 on Chrono :exploding_head:

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Gotta say, reading “thriving open world” and then watching a livestream in which the world is empty besides some few cars here and there made me grin :grin:


This is not completely true. As an experienced Flashing Light player Im telling that there is a small city, where people freely walk the streets and you can adjust the number of cars parked in the streets and also the number of cars on the road. (funny: The more cars, the more parking
Besides the city there are many roads and few buildings.

Flashing lights is a good game and still in early access, but it gets updates often and has high potential. Firstly I experienced more bugs and glitches but as far as it evolves, it gets far better.

The developers and publisher call it a SIMULATOR, but it is only an ARCADE, I mean everything is so simplyfied. The controls of a car, processes during healing a person and so.

Co-op is great and the people here are nice and helpfull, not toxic like in other games.
Funny thing is that I usually die once a day as a Policeman :smiley:

I bought it on Fanatical in Sandbox bundle (only because of this game).

Its fun and relaxing game. I recommend it.


D’oh! I forgot I don’t already have this! Simplified arcade mechanics following an emergency services theme through a sandbox environment with online co-op multiplayer is my cup of tea! D’OOOOOOH!