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Flashing Lights - 4/25/19 - $10


Today’s deal is Flashing Lights!





Did you ever imagine when you were young that the toys you’d play with would ever help choose your job as an adult? Somewhere in the world right now a toddler is sliding a cop car around on the floor making siren noises with their mouth. Five years from now they’re painting a model fire truck with their grandpa, who used to fight fires himself. 10 years later, that same grandpa goes to the hospital for an emergency, and BAM! In a pure coincidence, his grandchild is in the ambulance now, working as an EMT and saves his goddamn life.

That’s right. That’s how real this all is. Amazing Hollywood ending. Now, does this fake, made up television spec-script for the Hallmark channel-ass story mean that you’ll FOR SURE become a hero if you pretend to be a cop, a firefighter or an EMT when you’re younger? Not at all, but if you’re not already interested in today’s game Flashing Lights just because it’s a dope game with co-op where you can each be from a different department helping with the same emergency, here’s an alternate possibility for how to make it worth your while.

First of all, it’s just ten bucks. That’s not even enough to go see Endgame tonight. Scoop it up. And now, even if you never play it yourself, leave it out for that kid of yours, or that nephew, or that niece, or even that nice weird kid in the neighborhood who plays in your front yard sometimes and walks right in your living room whenever he damn well wants with mud on his sneakers. And maybe, just maybe, fifteen years or so later, you’ll be in that acceptance speech, or that thank you on the news, or even better, when you fall down that open manhole cover and you’re certain you’re gonna die, maybe, just maybe, this kid’ll show up and save you. Or maybe not. We don’t wanna get sued or anything. #themoreyouknow

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This is the lowest Flashing Lights has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $11.24 on Steam.

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I accidently bought an extra copy of this game, so annoying when I get so excited I forget to check my games list before a purchase


So … you wanna give the copy to a home in need? :wink:


eventually that is something that might happen